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Joanna Czech Cosmetics Cases for Beauty, Summer

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Joanna Czech Facial Massager


Joanna Czech

Joanna Czech Facial Massager


At Cos Bar

Massage is by far the most important step in an effective non-invasive skin care regimen. Massaging the skin speeds up circulation, bringing more oxygen to the tissue, resulting in brighter, healthier skin! It can also change the shape of the face; lifting the brows, the jawline and emphasizing the cheekbones. With consistent massage (as little as 7 minutes per day) you can achieve great results. Rolling along the very surface of the skin drains and depuffs the face. This should always be performed on clean skin. For Drainage, you will use very very light pressure with your roller. After each step lightly roll from behind the ear to shoulder. Material: Aluminum and zinc alloys Size: 140 x 62 x 22mm Weight: 4.3 oz How to use: 3X on each side of the face, lead with the handle of the facial massager.. Buy from Cos Bar