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Digital Detox(TM...

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Digital Detox(TM) Bath

What it is: A powerful agent to aid in environmental detoxification and offset from too much exposure to technology. What it does: French green clay paired with French grey sea salt stimulates detoxification to relieve the body from toxins, stress and technology overload. Sea salt is recommended to stimulate circulation, and can help relieve stiff joins and muscle cramps, relaxing the body with a deep-cleansing effect. Through ionic exchange,

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Digital Detox Ba...


Digital Detox Bath Soak, 283g - Colorless

Log off and reset after a long day with Pursoma's 'Digital Detox' all-natural sleep aid. Developed specifically for those who suffer from poor sleep quality, tension and stress from the overuse of technology, this powerful and potent bath mineral is enriched with hand-harvested French Grey Sea Salt to replenish electrolytes and eliminate toxins. Single Origin French Green Clay draws out impurities, too. - Suitable for all skin types -Instructions for use: - Pour entire contents of bag into hot b

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Hot Tub Bath Soa...


Hot Tub Bath Soak, 298g - Colorless

There's nothing more comforting than a hot bath when you're feeling run down - just add Pursoma's first-aid mineral and you'll feel better in no time. Perfect for when you're experiencing seasonal symptoms like a runny nose, fatigue and congestion, this treatment improves circulation and thermo-regulation, relieves aches and pains and clears your sinuses. Ginger Root Powder offers a warm sensation, Single Origin French Green Clay draws out toxins and hand-harvested French Grey Sea Salt replenish

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Après Savasana, ...


Après Savasana, 113g - Colorless

Pursoma's 'Apres Savasana' mineral bath treatment extends the tranquil bliss you experience after your final rest pose in yoga. Blended with Wild-Harvested Atlantic Kelp and Organic Green Algae, it's formulated to remove toxins and relieve muscle tension and soreness while stimulating senses with 100% natural aromatherapy. - Suitable for all skin types - Juniper Berry Essential Oil is calming and grounding - Ho Wood Essential Oil is heart-warming and relaxing - Frankincense Resin Essential Oil p

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After The Class ...


After The Class Bath Soak, 255g - Colorless

Pursoma's 'After the Class' bath soak is formulated to relieve muscle tension and soreness after a long workout. Enriched with contamination-free Seabed Magnesium and hand-harvested French Grey Sea Salt, this mineral treatment eliminates toxins and replenishes electrolytes while softening skin. Inside each package lies a hand-picked crystal to help balance your body's natural energy. - Lavender Essential Oil instantly calms and relieves stress - Ho Wood Essential Oil is heart-warming and relaxin

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