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DIORL'Or De Vie La Cure Skincare - Vintage 2018

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Neiman Marcus
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Wrinkles: - 18%* Complexion radiance: + 35%* Firmness: + 36%* Complexion evenness: + 19%* Nourished skin: + 32%* Smoother skin: + 26% Skin beauty: + 51%* * Assessment by a dermatologist on 35 women 3 months of use. * Self-rated by 35 women 3 months of use. How To Use: For exceptionally smooth skin and deep purification: Begin by using the flat side of the Gold Massage Drops and smooth the entire face. Using the point of the Gold Massage Drops, continue to smooth wrinkles in a back-and-forth.
Price last checked on Monday, 9th December, 2019