KOPARI Face the Day and Night Kit in Beauty: NA.

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Kopari Face the Day and Night Kit in Beauty: NA. Kopari Face the Day and Night Kit in Beauty: NA. Feel fresh-faced around the clock with Kopari's Face the Day and Night Kit. This four step skincare system cleanses and hydrates, leaving your skin feeling clean and smooth while locking in moisture to restore your gorgeous complexion.. Solves for dryness, wrinkles, and dullness. Free from parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. Coconut Cleansing Oil (2 oz), Coconut Rose Toner (2 oz), Coconut Face Cream (1 oz), Coconut Lip Love (0.35 oz). $50 retail value. Massage Cleansing Oil into skin for 30 seconds and rinse. Apply Rose Toner and Face cream directly onto a clean face. Apply Lip Love to hydrate with subtle shine. KOPR-WU13. KFK-0100. Kopari is unnaturally obsessed with all things natural - especially coconut. They take coconut oil's many benefits to the next level by incorporating natural ingredients and cutting-edge chemistry to enhance its performance, thus creating luxurious, spa-quality skin and hair products that deliver amazing results. In a nutshell, Kopari is passionate about products that make you look gorgeous with safe, effective ingredients that help you feel great, too.