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NORDSTROM RACKVelvet Maxisculpt Collagen Gele Primer - Elastic Filler - Set of 2

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Nordstrom Rack
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"Nip Tuck"A semi-solid epidermal filler for sculpting the face and neck. Instantly plumps the skin, fills fine lines and wrinkles and elasticizes skin losing its shape.Collagen is high molecular weight protein. This is fractionated to 100th the regular size and is more readily absorbed into the glue matrix that holds the cells together.Packed full of amino acids the building blocks of skin to make skin more elastic and resilient to creases and lines, and keep its shape. Set of 2. Size: 0.35 oz. each. Maitake Mushroom. Betaglucan Protectant. Gold Heart Flower Extract. Super Hydration Antioxidant. Collagen Hyaluronate. lifting & shaping to hold the skin matrix together. Minerals. Vitamins. Amino Acids. For directions and ingredients, see "Additional Info". Imported
Price last checked on Wednesday, 11th December, 2019