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AHAE: Through My Window


AHAE: Through My Window


At Assouline

Korean artist Ahae took one million photographs over a two-year period, through one window in his house. This profoundly intimate portfolio captures the infinite subtle changes of the environment through the circle of the seasons. Featuring the artist’s poems and a foreword by the director of the Louvre, which will host an exhibition of images from this astonishing series. "There are times in our lives when serendipity accelerates events and the exceptional can occur. In September last year I sat next to the guest of a mutual friend at a lunch in Malaysia. He told me about an artist who had created a grand experiment, taking one million photographs in two years. What is more remarkable than this unprecedented feat is that the photographs were taken, and continue to be taken, from a single window. The photographer Ahae (a name which means “child” in ancient Korean) has faithfully captured his vision of a landscape carefully preserved and protected for the last two decades. He invites us to see the extraordinary in the apparently ordinary. A change in light or a change in the weather can make an object appear quite different. The same water surface can resemble rock or a pool of mercury, the silhouette of a bird caught in the sunlight like a delicate drawing...". BUY FROM ASSOULINE