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Eila Silver Quartz Earring

Anne Manns caught the eye of our buyers with her sculptural jewelry and it wasn't long before the German designer was chosen to take part in the second season of our mentorship programme, The Vanguard. One of the label's signature styles, this 'Eila' earring is cast from silver in a unique shape that curves and twists with the contours of your ear. Each end is tipped with a luminous quartz gemstone, polished for a high-shine finish. buy from Net-A-Porter

Eila's Sister Gold-plated Ear Cuff

You can really see the art and nature influences in Anne Manns' collections - the sculptural shapes of her jewelry are so organic and unique. Taking cues from the designer's popular 'Eila' earring, this gold-plated cuff has been handmade in Berlin and is curved to neatly trace the outline of your ear. Pin your hair back to really show it off. buy from Net-A-Porter

Eadie Silver Freshwater Pearl Ring

A member of our fashion team stumbled upon Anne Manns' boutique while wandering the streets of Berlin. Handmade locally from silver, this 'Eadie' ring demonstrates the elegant sculptured quality of her work that made us first fall in love with it. Worn on the index finger, it unfurls along the contours of your palm and knuckles and is stippled with freshwater pearls, reminiscent of the pea pods the designer remembers from her childhood garden. buy from Net-A-Porter

Eila Gold-plated Earring

Anne Manns' sculptural jewelry is all made by hand in Berlin and takes inspiration from art, women and nature. Part of the 'Pea' collection, this gold-plated earring is designed to look like it's winding around your lobe and cartilage. It's polished to a high shine. buy from Net-A-Porter

Adelheid Silver And Gold-plated Necklace

The unique shapes of Anne Manns' jewelry are inspired by sculptural art, nature and women - the designer says she makes pieces that look good both on and off the body. This handmade silver 'Adelheid' necklace (meaning 'Nobility' in German) is strung with a polished gold-plated eggplant pendant that neatly sits against your chest. buy from Net-A-Porter

Adelheid Silver And Gold-plated Earrings

Anne Manns looks to sculptural art and nature for inspiration when designing her jewelry - the influence is clear in the strong, modern shapes seen throughout the collection. These 'Adelheid' earrings have been handcrafted in Germany from polished silver and strung with a gold-plated eggplant charm. They're completely hollow inside, making them light enough wear all day. buy from Net-A-Porter

Edeltraud Gold-plated Ear Cuff

Trust us to find the next sculptural jewelry brand to obsess over - Anne Manns' pieces take inspiration from the organic forms found in a vegetable garden. Part of the 'Pea' collection, this gold-plated 'Edeltraud' ear cuff is made in Berlin and cast into an uneven shape. Clip it to your helix - no piercing required. buy from Net-A-Porter

Eadie Silver And Gold-plated Earrings

Anne Manns grew up shelling peas with her grandparents in their vegetable garden, and her Spring '19 collection is inspired by that very memory. These 'Eadie' earrings have been handmade in her native Germany and cast in the shape of a tiny pod, with three peas nestled inside - two gold-plated and one silver. They'll complement a range of other shapes, so wear them with the matching 'Eadie' ear cuff, or a pair of angular hoops. buy from Net-A-Porter


Aki Silver Cuff


Aki Silver Cuff

Anne Manns proves that jewelry doesn't have to be bedazzled with diamonds or colorful gems in order to attract attention - her sculptural designs are inspired by art, nature and organic shapes. Part of the 'Aubergine' collection, this 'Aki' cuff has been handmade in Berlin from two intertwined silver bands tipped with pressed vegetable-inspired shapes at either end. - Slips on - Made in Germany buy from Net-A-Porter

Edeitraud Gold-plated Earring

Anne Manns' jewelry is inspired by the organic shapes of vegetables and this gold-plated 'Edeitraud' earring is part of the designer's 'Pea' collection. Handmade in Berlin, it's pressed with an uneven texture and polished to a high shine. Wear yours with the silver version in the opposite lobe. buy from Net-A-Porter

Eadie Silver And Gold-plated Cuff

Take it from us: Anne Manns is one to watch. Part of the rising star's 'Pea' collection inspired by organic forms found in vegetable gardens, this silver and gold-plated 'Eadie' cuff has been handmade in Germany. It's beautifully sculpted to wind around your wrist. buy from Net-A-Porter

Edeltraud Silver Earrings

Anne Manns' goal is to create long-lasting, cherished pieces influenced by contemporary design - each of her pieces is inspired by women, art and nature. Part of the 'Pea' collection, these silver earrings have been handmade in Berlin and sculpted with an uneven finish. They're polished to a high shine. buy from Net-A-Porter

Eadie Silver And Gold-plated Clip-on Earring

Anne Manns says that nature is one of her biggest sources of inspiration when she's designing - this 'Eadie' earring is inspired by early memories of shelling peas. Handmade in Germany from silver and gold-plated silver, it's shaped to resemble a tiny pod with three spheres inside. Clip it onto your lobe or along your cartilage. buy from Net-A-Porter

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Eila Gold-plated Quartz Ring

Anne Manns' jewelry designs are so distinctive they often look more like pieces of art than accessories. Handmade in Germany from polished gold-plated metal, this 'Eila' ring has a sculptural shape that loops around your index finger before looping back over your knuckles. It's tipped at one end with quartz which is believed by some to clear the mind of negativity. buy from Net-A-Porter

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Aki Gold Vermeil Necklace

Rather than drawing a design on paper, Anne Manns uses her hands to form lots of different organic shapes before deciding what works. Part of the jeweler's 'Aubergine' collection, this gold vermeil 'Aki' necklace is sculpted in Berlin and tipped with two pressed versions of the fruit - we don't need to tell you what emoji to use when posting it on Instagram. buy from Net-A-Porter