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Enchantée long necklace

The Imaï fashion house brings a bucolic note to its collection with this Enchantée long necklace. The amazonite with mystical reflections is held in place by delicate prongs of brass plated in fine 24-karat gold. The Parisian studio makes each one of its pieces by hand and in a limited number, guaranteeing its wearer's a unique design. buy from 24S

Tweed long ring necklace

Imaï pairs fashionable refinement with a mysterious aura in this Tweed long ring necklace. The delicate chain highlights the raw visual of the sphere made from brass plated in fine 24-karat gold. The metal is precisely hand worked to create a textured finish inspired by classic tweed. Pair it with a plain T-shirt or a romantic blouse. buy from 24S

Heart Loop Necklace

This Heart Loop Necklace designed by Imaï by Julie Borgeaud is a true piece of focused sophistication. A delicate gold-plated choker fastens with a golden star clasp that enhances the faceted heart pendant. buy from 24S

Gourmette PM bracelet

Subtle elegance characterizes the pieces of jewelry created by Julie Borgeaud for Imaï, as shown by this Gourmette PM bracelet. The French designer focuses on contemporary femininity with delicate models such as this double row of interlocked rhombuses. The motif's finesse gives this golden bracelet an illusion of lightness. You'll fall in love with the brand's signature star which decorates the clasp. buy from 24S

Médaille ring

Geometric patterns lie at the heart of Imaï fashion, as shown by this Médaille ring. This golden ring features a wide, rounded band that wraps the finger in contemporary openwork cutouts. Wear this structured ring with a pair of the brand's hoop earrings. buy from 24S

Enchantée bracelet

The artisanal expertise of Imaï, the Parisian jewelry house known for its exclusive designs, is gracefully reflected in this Enchantée bracelet. The brass plated bracelet with fine 24-karat gold, the metal favored by designer Julie Borgeaud, has finely worked lines with romantic arabesques. This versatile piece of jewelry highlights a lace top well. buy from 24S

Cadenas earrings

Characterized by urban glamour, Julie Borgeaud for Imaï is inspired by everyday elements to invent these Cadenas earrings. These pendants combine three full ovals, elegantly designed to create a piece of jewelry that moves. Made of rhodium or fine gilt brass, these earrings will look great with a flowing dress. buy from 24S

Tweed pendant necklace

This Tweed pendant necklace designed by Imaï is both delicate and full of personality. Suspended from the delicate chain is a characteristic jewel inspired by the tweed material that was so commonly used in 1960s fashion. This handmade design in brass plated with fine 24-carat gold will elegantly enhance a city look. buy from 24S

Cadenas hoop earrings

With these Cadenas hoop earrings, Imaï revisits an iconic piece of jewelry with a touch of personal style. These semi-open earrings adopt tight curves and geometric lines that evoke an everyday object. Made of 24 kt gilt brass, they will bring a hint of precious style to a fitted dress and sneakers. buy from 24S

Enchantée ring

Imaï plays with the contrast between the deep color of stone and the shininess of metal with this Enchantée ring. The perfect oval of amazonite highlights the deliberately crude lines of the half-open ring in gold-colored brass. This feminine ring with changing reflections can be worn alone or with other pieces. buy from 24S

Médaille PM hoops

Imaï offers striking fashion with these Médaille PM hoops. These perfectly curved hoop earrings replace the usually hollow part of hoops with openwork golden rectangles that are reminiscent of 20th-century modern art. Thanks to their contemporary graphic look, they are perfect for sprucing up a simple urban outfit. buy from 24S

Multichain necklace

The creativity and multiple inspirations of Parisian designer Imaï is shown by this multichain necklace. 24 kt fine gilt brass, a favorite of designer Julie Borgeaud, adopts various geometric shapes. Wear this casually feminine piece with a slightly open poplin shirt. buy from 24S

Médaille bangle

The worlds of design and modern art are both inspirations for Imaï, the designer behind this Médaille bangle. This semi-open flat golden piece gently wraps around the wrist. A perforated circle with a graphic pattern, alternating full and hollow rectangles, highlights the top of the feminine and contemporary bangle. Wear it alone or with the matching hoops. buy from 24S

Tweed cuff bracelet

Accessories designed by Imaï are influenced by the fashion universe as can be seen in this refined Tweed cuff bracelet. Made of brass plated with fine 24-karat gold, this jewel has minimalist lines that echo the woven effect of the iconic material. This generously-sized cuff bracelet brings a touch of contemporary elegance to a city look. buy from 24S

Tweed bracelet

The Tweed bracelet is a casually elegant piece designed by Imaï. Designer Julie Borgeaud reinterprets the traditional bangle with raw lines and a texturered appearance inspired by the emblematic 1960s fabric. This bracelet will perfectly set off a flowy blazer with 3/4 length sleeves. buy from 24S

Tweed GM earrings

Imaï impresses with its precise workmanship, reflected in these Tweed GM earrings. The raw-edged prongs play with the upstrokes and downstrokes of the brass plated in fine 24-karat gold, which imitates the subtle weaving of traditional tweed fabric. The precious reflections of this unique jewel pair perfectly with a formal dress or simple suit pants. buy from 24S


Tweed ring


Tweed ring

Imaï blurs the lines between contemporary jewelry and high fashion with this Tweed ring. This feminine jewel has supple lines and the pleated effect of the iconic material. The irregular edges add to the charm of this design, which we wear with the matching bracelet. buy from 24S

Cadenas necklace

Imaï creations are characterized by design and craftsmanship, as shown by this Cadenas necklace. This choker model affirms its personality with thick rectangular links that are shiny due to their fine 24 kt gilt brass or rhodium-plated composition. It will give a dress with bare shoulders a contemporary aura. buy from 24S

Heart Padlock Necklace

The latest in style from design house Imaï, this Heart Padlock Necklace breaks with classic jewellery conventions. The large links of the golden chain allow the natural stone heart pendant to take centre stage. buy from 24S

Entrelacs bracelet

Julie Borgeaud, head of Imaï, is inspired by everyday objects and travel to create pieces like this Entrelacs bracelet. Made of fine gold-plated brass, this curb chain model surprises with its large links combined with metal sailing knots. The clasp punctuated with a star brings an extra touch of femininity. buy from 24S