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Green Jasmine Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - Brew up an elegant and epicurean tea experience with Sirocco's Green Jasmine tea. Cultivated in the hilly region of Fujian, China, only the youngest and most tender green tea leaves are carefully handpicked in the spring to make up this blend. An over 1000-year-old method is employed to infuse the leaves with the flowery scent of jasmine flowers to enrich the overall aroma. buy from Harrods

Imperial Gold Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - A taste experience fit for the courts of Russian tsars, Sorocco's Imperial Gold tea is a lively yet balanced blend. A rich black tea base is accented with bright, sparkling notes of citrus and the luscious sweetness of sun-ripened oranges. The result is an intense and nuanced fragrance inspired by the Zizin Gardens of Moscow. buy from Harrods

Gentle Blue Earl Grey Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - A tea connoisseur's collection wouldn't be complete with Sirocco's Gentle Blue Earl Grey. The noble black tea dances with the bright and fresh bergamot for the classic taste that has been delighting palates for centuries. This blend pairs well with light, salty foods. buy from Harrods

Almond Oolong Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - From the Fujian Province of China, Sorocco's Almond Oolong captivates drinkers with notes of honey that are perfectly blended with the nutty aroma of top-quality almonds. Similar to a black tea but much gentler and milder, this brew delivers an extraordinarily sophisticated flavour experience. buy from Harrods

Rooibos Tangerine Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - Grown only in the ruggedly beautiful Cederberg Mountain region of South Africa, organically-grown rooibos mingles with tangerine to create this inimitable tea from Sirocco. Caffeine-free and with low tannin levels, this wonderfully aromatic tea is ideal for a late-night cuppa. buy from Harrods

Black Chai Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - Striking the perfect balance of warm spices and cool black tea, Sirocco's Black Chai tea is an unforgettable taste experience. Enlisting cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and other aromas to take you on a journey through the tea's Indian roots, this brew weaves a beguiling fragrance that is best enjoyed with a splash of milk. buy from Harrods

Verbena Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - Organically grown in its native home of Paraguay, first-class verbena lends this Sirocco tea its refreshing, lemony taste. Touting relaxing and soothing properties, this blend makes a delightful addition to your evening wind-down routine. buy from Harrods

Red Kiss Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - Sirocco's Red Kiss tea is a select blend of sun-ripened organic ingredients bursting with sensuous fruity flavours. The round, rich notes of red berries dominate this fruit blend while hibiscus flowers add acidity and colour, and rose hips bring liveliness. This unique tea beguiles even the most discriminating of palates, including those of children. buy from Harrods

Black Vanilla Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - Premium black tea and legendary Pu-Erh form the full-bodied, aromatic basis of this unusually rich and varied Black Vanilla tea from Sirocco. The incomparably well-rounded bouquet of top-quality Bourbon vanilla provides a wonderful balance to the character of the Yunnan tea without dominating the overall flavour. buy from Harrods

Grand Tea Selection (36 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - Whether you're an experienced tea connoisseur looking to complete your collection or a novice drinker who wants to explore new and exciting brews, Sirocco's 36-piece organic tea collection is an excellent choice. The blends range from the subtle White Peach to the bold Black Chai and come in pairs so you can share the flavour adventure with a friend or revisit your new favourites. Presented in clear packaging to flaunt the rainbow of colourful sachets, this set also makes a great gift. INGREDIENTS For allergens, see ingredients listed in bold: Black Chai: Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom seeds, cloves, cardamom, black pepper; Camomile Orange Blossoms: Camomile, orange peel, orange blossoms, natural flavour; Ceylon Sunrise: Decaffeinated black tea; Gentle Blue: Certified organic black tea, conflower, other natural flavours; Ginger Lemon Dream: Ginger, lemongrass, lemon balm, licorice root, spearmint; Imperial Gold: Certified organic black tea (92%), buy from Harrods

Yellow Wish Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - An invigorating, aromatic green tea from China, Sirocco's Yellow Wish tea is harmoniously blended with the delicate sweetness of sun-ripened organic mangos. Before being dried, the tea is lightly roasted to give it its distinct taste. This sweet brew makes a nice late-morning pick-me-up. buy from Harrods

Moroccan Mint Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - Sirocco's Moroccan mint tea is an invigorating pleasure for all of the senses. The certified organic Nana mint that makes up this brew is a much milder and sweeter variety of spearmint than other blends. Thirst quenching with a lingering aroma, this tea delights connoisseurs with sensitive stomachs. buy from Harrods

Piña Moringa Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - Smooth and aromatic like a tropical cocktail, Sirocco's Piña Moringa tea provides a particularly epicurean experience. The leaves of the moringa - also known as the 'miracle tree' - are a brilliant green with a mild flavour that shines when combined with the pleasant fruity notes of pineapple and apple, while ginger adds a dash of spice. buy from Harrods

White Peach Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - Made from only the spring-picked buds and fresh shoots in Fuijian, China, this top-quality white tea is enhanced with natural peachy aromas. The subtle flavours create the perfect brew for lovers of mild, fruit-flavored teas with a delicate, understated sweetness. buy from Harrods

Green Tropic Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Sirocco - Sirocco's Green Tropic tea marries distinctive fruit flavours with a Chinese green tea for a fascinating aroma. Delectable and invigorating, this charming blend is the perfect refreshment at any time of day. buy from Harrods