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“I have too many shoes!” said no girl ever. You want every silhouette in our collection from fancy flats, comfy pumps, badass boots and sassy slides/sandals. Pulling all the top brands like Celine, Gu...

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Leather mid-heel slide with Web bow


Leather mid-heel slide with Web bow

Original House details first introduced in the 1950s are reinterpreted through a romantic lens. The Web stripe-inspired by the equestrian world-has become the hallmark of a cultured club and is reintroduced in new forms. Designed as a whimsical bow detail, the green and red Web embellishes the toe of a leather heeled slide. The blue rosebud printed lining and sole are distinctive to the Spring Summer 2018 collection. Black and vintage white leather. Green and red Web grosgrain bow. Blue rosebuds and Gucci print leather lining. Blue rosebuds print leather sole. Point toe. 85mm heel. Made in Italy. buy from Browns Fashion