Shopping the Resistance in Brooklyn

Marilyn Minter and Andrianna Campbell are setting up shop in Brooklyn — protest thongs included

“Everyone’s so frustrated — aren’t you frustrated?” is the quote that kicks off a New York Times article on artist Marilyn Minter’s resistance-themed pop-up shop — named Anger Management — inside the Brooklyn Museum. Channeling the anger and helplessness so many of us feel in today’s political climate, a shop with most of its proceeds being donated to charities like ACLU and Planned Parenthood is one way to do a good thing.

The pop-up, which opened on September 28, will run through November 12. According to Artnet, the items range in price from $3 for stickers to tens of thousands of dollars for a rainbow neon by Jonathan Horowitz and a collaborative drawing by Julie Mehretu and Daniel Joseph Martinez. Over 70 artists, including Laurie Simmons (creator of the aforementioned handmade thong), Jenny Holzer and Faith Ringgold, have created buttons, pins, t-shirts, and more.

“The partnership with the Brooklyn Museum posed one significant challenge,” Minter told ArtNet. “Because the institution is a nonprofit that must steer clear of political campaigning under US law, none of the artist-designed objects could mention or picture a specific individual (read: Trump).”

The Brooklyn Museum will take a 25 percent cut of the proceeds from sales, and the remainder will be divided between the artists and donated to charities of their choosing. Marilyn Minter plans to donate her portion to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. You can shop the collection in-person and online here.



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