How Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Starts His Day

Fact: behind every iconic superstar is a gifted makeup artist. Just ask Beyoncé—believe it or not, but Mrs. Carter indeed did not “wake up like this,” but instead has the help of her right-hand L’Oréal Paris Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sir John. And ‘Yoncѐ isn’t the only superstar on his roster: he’s also created makeup looks for the likes of Joan Smalls, Ashley Benson, Karlie Kloss; the list goes on and on.


But, when he’s not dolling up Hollywood’s elite, what is Sir John doing to keep his glow so on point? The usual in LA: keeping up with his diet (with the occasional treat of french toast and bacon), following a simple and easy skincare routine, and sipping on… ant extract? Below, we talk to Sir John about his go-to morning routine.


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What’s the first thing you do every morning?

“I immediately open all the drapes to let light in. Since moving to LA (where it is almost always sunny), this has been a great way to start my day.”


Do you have a morning workout routine?

“My morning routine is dominated by catching up on emails from the East Coast. I always try to get to the gym, but it doesn’t always happen.”


Shower at-night, morning or both?



Daily alarm time? How many times do you hit snooze?

“7:30 am and I’m proud to say that I only snooze once.”


If you’re running late, what’s the one thing you have to do?

“I feel most people feel flustered and off schedule if they are running late. I always try to make a point to stay positive, smile, and still be charming when I get there to not offset the mood.”


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Favorite breakfast?

“When I’m not dieting, my ideal breakfast is French toast with a side of bacon and blueberries. If I am trying to diet and stay healthy, I love to have a big bowl of Greek yogurt with granola.”


Weirdest morning beauty habit?

“My Sun Potions! Lionsmane, Polyrachis Ant, & Chaga.”


How much time do you spend on your skincare routine?

“I spend 10-15min in the morning, and the same amount of time at night. My go-to favorites right now our L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Derm Intensives Collection, which includes a Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum. They help to hydrate, brighten, and fight wrinkles.”


How long do you usually take to get ready for the day?

“I try to get as much sleep as possible, so sometimes I only leave myself around 10 minutes, but in reality it takes me around 45 minutes.”


What’s the one product you could never leave the house without putting on?

“Deodorant – just tried the new Groundskeeper one from Dollar Shave Club.”


The first thing that popped into your head this morning?

“Brand coordinator to get order of the day.”



Lion's Mane



Polyrachis Ant



Chaga Mushroom Powder



Revitalift Derm Intensives 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum



Revitalift Derm Intensives 10% Pure Vitamin C Serum



Groundskeeper Deodorant


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