Solange Is Back, And There’s New Music And Pole Dancing Involved

Iconic is one of those overused, Internet-friendly words that I am guilty of writing and saying probably way too often. (Show me a better synonym, and I’ll take it!) But, reader, iconic is really the only word I have to describe the images that Solange Knowles dropped on Tuesday as an announcement for her BlackPlanet takeover. And now, last night, she released a teaser for what seems to be her new album.



The 60-second video featuring new music starts with a line of people, all dressed in the same uniform, hands outstretched. Then, we see VHS-esque videos of Solange and a friend, followed by a room full of women and the singer all wearing the same dress and hair color.


It was in October that Solange talked about her new album with The New York Times.


“The record will likely arrive into the world fully formed at some mysterious and unexpected moment, like a meteor cratering into the culture,” Ayana Mathis wrote. “But she will not be rushed.” Solange described the new project as having a “lot of jazz at the core. But with electronic and hip-hop drum and bass because I want it to bang and make your trunk rattle.”


She also said it would be “warm” and “fluid and more sensual” than 2016’s A Seat At The Table, which won the singer Pitchfork’s number one album of the year.



On Tuesday, Solange launched a new site on the social network BlackPlanet, which was launched in 1999 for people of color. She tweeted a link to her page, which plays a looped video of three women in an empty corporate office, all wearing Matrix-style outfits. There’s also a “Dossier” of new images and a schedule of her next live events. The images might be teasing the future/minimal cowboy aesthetic (shout out Houston!) of her new album.


One image shows a woman pole-dancing while another is Solange wrapped in solid plastic. Another photo shows the singer in cowboy boots and a silver, bejeweled bikini in front of an old, white car. We don’t know what Solange is cooking up, but we’re more than ready for it.

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