Plain white porcelain bowls are so passé

Here is a thing I wouldn’t do, even if I were very, very rich: make a toilet out of Louis Vuitton bags. But, fortunately, there are people more eccentric and baller than myself, and, as a result, we have a Louis Vuitton toilet.

The toilet is currently on display at online retailer Tradesy’s LA showroom and can be purchased for $100,000. I’m imagining dictators, pre-president Donald Trump, or Liberace (rest his soul) being interested in this toilet. Artist Illma Gore — also the artist behind the infamous nude painting of Donald Trump titled “Make America Great Again” — created the fully-functional toilet.

You can also purchase a Louis Vuitton-monogrammed bust of Abraham Lincoln or a Gucci-print missile on the site. Put the pieces all together, and you have a very expensive — and wonderfully terrifying — home decor set.


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