Sounds COOL(S): Songs That Sound Like Cancer Season

You’re over your Spotify mixes, your YouTube playlists are becoming repetitive, and wading through your muso friend’s ever-pretentious song suggestions is less appealing than listening to Nickelback’s “Photograph” on repeat for the rest of time. We get it. To relieve your decision fatigue, we’ve asked the hottest rising artists to compile their favorite tracks of the minute.


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Here, Jack Gray shares the songs to navigate the slippery emotional slope of cancer season.


Jack Gray, “Bullet”


Every story has two sides, every story has a hero and a villain…most of the time it’s hard to tell the difference!



I Know Leopard, “Heather”



The wavy synths and interesting vocal treatment sends you into another world. Very smart production.



Imogen Heap, “Hide and Seek”

Imogen supposedly wrote this track about the separation of her parents when she was a little girl and her father finding a new wife. The sound of her voice with the vocoder is so emotional that it tells any sad story you relate to.



Tame Impala, “Eventually”

No matter how much it hurts now, you will feel better eventually. It’s for the best.



Gallant, “Bourbon”

This song feels so nostalgic for some reason. I actually don’t know what it’s about, but it’s so damn beautiful.



Still Woozy, “Lava”

It’s easy to melt into the groove of this track. His poetic lyrics keep the song vibrant and intriguing.



The 1975, “How To Draw / Petrichor” 

The perfect song to trip to and lose yourself. The layered vocals and busy percussion send you into outer space.



Frank Ocean, “Nights”

This song is a journey; it begins with this happy feel to the beat, transitions into a psychedelic ballad, and progresses into a hip hop section. It’s a very cool experience.



Perfume Genius, “Otherside”

This record is cinematic and filled with emotion. The way it explodes into this colorful palette of sounds is everything.



Patrick Watson, “Broken”

If you’re feeling a little broken, you will be able to relate to this. The tone in his voice tells the story.



Check out Jack Gray, below.


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