Sounds COOL(S): Songs To Have You (Sexily) Sweating This Summer

You’re over your Spotify mixes, your YouTube playlists are becoming repetitive, and wading through your muso friend’s ever-pretentious song suggestions is less appealing than listening to Nickelback’s “Photograph” on repeat for the rest of time. We get it. To relieve your decision fatigue, we’ve asked the hottest rising artists to compile their favorite tracks of the minute.


Here, RALPH shares songs for a sweaty, sexy end to your summer. 


1. King Princess, Pussy Is God

An obsession of mine for the last year, I love king princess, I think her songwriting and production is so unique and honest and smart. This song is so sexy in an uncontrived way, it’s perfect for slow dancing and making eye contact with someone.


2. Robyn, Honey

A staple on all my playlists, I loved Robyn‘s last EP and this track is such a great dance song. It reminds me of driving really fast on a hot night.


3. Yeaji, Raingurl

I rediscovered this track and haven’t stopped listening to it. I played a festival a couple weeks ago and after our set, my band and I went back to our trailer and drink tequila and danced so hard to this song that we made the entire trailer shake.


4. Smerz, Because

I’m a sucker for anything with a sick bass line and this song ticks all the boxes. The moment it kicks in, I just start moving. It’s so weird and dancy, I want to stay up til 4 to this song.


5. Still Woozy, Habit

One of my favorite discoveries over the last year, Still Woozy just fucks with production and vocal melody so hard. Every song is so vibey, i wanna listen to this on a patio with all my friends.


6. Childish Gambino, Summertime Magic

I love when a song starts off slow and then unexpectedly kicks in with the dance drop – you wait for it, but when it drops it’s soooo good. Like a bubbly, cold grapefruit Perrier when you’ve walked forever on a hot ass day.


7. Justin Bieber, Sorry

Wow, a guilty pleasure BUT this track is undeniably a jam. I have a special place in my heart for this song – a had a wild night a couple New Years’ ago and I went to a small after after party at 5 am and made the DJ replay this song about 10 times, it was like no song has ever sounded so satisfying.


8. Tyga, Taste (feat. Offset)

I feel this is a song that comes on and everyone just goes “yessss” and nods at each other, like this is it, yup. You just wanna move.


9. Choclair, Rubbin’

My older brother had the Choclair CD and I stole it and listened on my Discman and this song was like, wow. It’s still one of my favorites, I fucking love the opening lines, it’s so 2000s time stamped – “I remember seeing you in spaghetti straps, knapsack held up by your ass back”. She just sounds so hot, I wanna be her.


10. Mos Def, The Panties

Fun fact: this is one of my top ten favorite songs of all time. I think it’s the sexiest song in the world — wait for the beat at 1:42.


Check out RALPH, below. 

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