Inside The Crystalized World Of Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt is not an angry person. Forget the persona you saw on The Hills. Forget the tabloids, the media, the testimonials from his former comrades. After one 20-minute phone call with the reality-star-turned-crystal-enthusiast, I learned that there is much more to Pratt than what MTV led on nearly a decade ago: When I expected a tirade, I got honesty and ingenuity. It was not what I anticipated from someone who was once voted one of the “Greatest Reality TV Villains of All Time.”

Inside The Crystalized World Of Spencer Pratt


So, what is the reality of Spencer Pratt outside of reality television? That’s still hard for me to pinpoint, but villain he is not. His love for his wife, former The Hills co-star Heidi, and his one-year-old “Miracle Baby,” Gunner, is so pure it’s almost sickening. “He’s such an angel,” he says of his son. “I love him so much.” He has a growing obsession for hummingbirds, which he notes are “reincarnated angelic warriors,” and he’s a man who puts his well-being in the hands of crystals.


“It’s really just become a beautiful fashion accessory for me,” he says. “Other people might think it was looney, but I know for a fact that they’re beneficial. With some crystals, when I hold them, I really feel their power.”


His love and devotion to crystals brought him to a new, holistic life: He now has a crystal line, fittingly named Pratt Daddy Crystals, and has an award-winning online series with MTV, also fittingly titled Spencer Pratt Will Heal You.


As the premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings slowly approaches—set your DVRs for June 24—has Spencer Pratt already found his new beginning? Below, we talk to Pratt about the return of The Hills, his personal evolution, his heartwarming story of him and his best friend—a hummingbird named Allen—and more.


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What inspired you to create Pratt Daddy?

“Heidi said I couldn’t buy anymore crystals. I met this crystal carver and I was like, ‘Can I please sell your pieces?’ and he was like, ‘Sure.’ So I put 50 up on social media and they sold in seconds. Then I kept going for more because we couldn’t stop selling them. It just exploded from there. I was doing it on my own at first but I just couldn’t handle all of the packaging and shipping myself. Now, a year in, it’s a thriving business.”


What pulled you to crystals in the first place?

“The first crystal I bought is actually one of the biggest and most expensive crystals you can find, which tells you a lot about my personality. We were eating at Bay Cities in Santa Monica, and we walked into a crystal store [nearby]. I saw one I thought was awesome, and the guy at the store told me it was from a volcano in Peru. I don’t know if he made it up, but if he did, at least it’s a good story. I told him I’d take it. Then my business manager called me and said ‘I think there’s a fraud charge on your card, you were just charged $65,000 plus $10,000 for delivery,’ and I was like huh? I didn’t know anything about crystals, I thought it was just a big rock—and I didn’t think a big rock would be that expensive. He talked to my business manager and was willing to refund it, but—this was back during my The Hills days—I was like no, no, I want this crystal. I was convinced that this crystal had powers, like The Force from Star Wars.


“Ever since, I’ve bought hundreds and hundreds of them! Then I got into the healing aspect [of crystals] when Heidi had plastic surgery and the painkillers weren’t working. I felt miserable watching her be in so much pain, so I started looking into healing crystals and found out that Shungite relieves pain. I got one for $15,000—again, this was when I was making dope money. That night, she slept straight through the night with barely any pain. Since then, I’ve been like, ‘Crystals are the awesomest things in the world!’ Then I went full…some would say looney tunes…but that was towards the end of The Hills when I was trying to use crystals for problems that crystals couldn’t manage.”


I feel like crystals definitely have some spiritual ties to them.

“With some crystals, when I hold them, I really feel their power. With some my teeth get numb, or my third eye starts pulsing ridiculously. Others make my eyes start moving rapidly, almost like I’m possessed. I won’t argue with people at all about whether crystals have energy or not, they definitely do.”


Would you describe yourself as a spiritual person?

“Definitely. Not in the trying-to-get-into-the-Illuminati sense, because that’s some negative, dark energy I don’t want anything to do with. I’m just very into energy, hummingbirds, and crystals.”


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Pratt Daddy out here 🔮

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Which crystal should you grab when you are hungover?

“Definitely Amethyst, I’ve read up on it a lot, and the Romans used to drink out of Amethyst goblets.”


What about when you’re headed to the club?

“Well, it all depends. At the club, you may want protection from shady people, or you may want to attract someone you’re hitting on. If you’re looking for love, Rose Quartz. Citrine if you’re looking for some fun and energy.”


What about when you just took an L and you’re trying to bounce back?

“I would probably go with Kunzite. I always wear Kunzite or Rhodochrosite, because they harness a lot of positive energy. They help me feel better about my situation when I’m in a rough spot.”


When you wanna chill?

“Fluorite, definitely.”


When you want some BDE?

“I would say Moldavite because it’s extra-terrestrial energy. If you want some BDE, you want out-of-this-world energy.”


What’s the biggest misconception people have about crystals?

“That they’re cheap. There are so many crystals that are more expensive than diamonds. People think that it’s some weird hippie thing, but there are tons of people with legit crystal collections that they’ve invested in. Some of the richest people I’ve met have crystal collections. People ask me how much I spend on some of my crystals, and I say ‘couple of hundred, some a few thousand,’ and they say ‘why, it’s just a rock?’ But it’s much more than that. Think about it, diamonds are a crystal, and that’s not just some rock. That’s the most common crystal ever.”


How do you treat yourself on you days off?

“Just hanging out, having some margaritas and burritos. Feeding hummingbirds, that’s pretty much it. Just a pretty chill day.”


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I'm just in the future I feel like a Prophet

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Speaking of hummingbirds, why do you like them so much?

“Well, when we found out that Heidi was pregnant, two little hummingbirds hatched in a nest in front of our front doorstep. So I watched them grow up, and I ended up rescuing one of them after his sibling was eaten by a bat. After that, I kept hanging out with Allen—that’s his name—and we would just chill and I would talk to him about my day. We became best friends, but then I moved from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. When I moved, I put out feeders so more hummingbirds would come. At one point there like 500 hummingbirds around our house, and it was amazing.


“I started reading more about them, and I read that they’re sort of angels here to send messages to us; they’re extremely spiritual and magical animals, and I totally feel that from them. Now I feel like they’re protecting my house, because there are so many of them, and I read that Myans believed that hummingbirds are reincarnated warriors. They pop up in places where you wouldn’t even think they’d be, and it makes me feel like they’re guiding me. They’re magical.”


What’s the biggest misconception that people have about you?

“That I’m angry. [MTV] is doing all of my testimonials for the show’s reboot, and they’re always asking ‘How are you not angry anymore?’ And no one realizes that I was always a very happy person. They just edited me dealing with awful people and horrible moments in my life. I was definitely emotionally frustrated at the time when I was dealing with all of that stuff on The Hills, but I’m very happy and I’m really chill, especially now.”


Speaking of The Hills, how do you think you’ve evolved from the beginning of the series to now?

“Honestly, I’m afraid that they’re going to edit it to make me look like I haven’t evolved, and it’s a very stressful thought. They don’t want to film me feeding hummingbirds all day or being in the park being stress-free. It’s a very different experience from my actual life. I’m being put with people that I haven’t hung out with in about 10 years. That’s why I continue to Snapchat my life so everyone can see my actual life. Through that, everyone knows who I really am.”


That’s one of the terrible things about reality TV: the editing and manipulation. It’s so crazy how the media can manipulate your whole persona to the world.

“I agree with that statement one hundred percent. That’s the good thing about online nowit’s much more of a true depiction, especially through the digital series that I have right now with MTV. It’s all about spiritual growth, and that’s the most updated version of me that’s out there right now. It’s the real me, and I wanted to give an outlet to different spiritual healers to show their work, wisdom, and how they can help people. There are so many forms of healing that I wanted to try, and it was really awesome to be able to do that.”


You were also Snapchatter of the Year in 2018. How does one earn such a prestigious title?

“I would say because of Miracle Baby. That year was pretty much a lot of me logging about Heidi and I becoming parents. It was an incredible experience and he brought a lot of incredible energy into our lives. There was also a lot of hummingbirds, and a lot of Taylor Swift. I think that’s pretty much what got me to become Snapchatter of the Year. Hummingbirds, Miracle Baby, and Taylor Swift: the trifecta.”


What’s your skincare routine looking like?

“For the last few years, I’ve been sticking to a pretty strict system. I only use Avène products: I use their Thermal Spring Water, their Foaming Cleanser, the Rich Recovery Lotion, and I’ll also use their Soothing Sheet Mask once or twice a week.”


How do you think your style has changed over the years?

“Well, before tie-dye was sold at Barney’s, I got really into it. I love all of the colors. In a perfect world I’d be wearing Jared Leto’s closet, with Gucci and all of that insane couture. Just ridiculous, over-the-top, fresh outfits.”


What are some of your favorite brands of the moment?

“Definitely Rhude, hands down my favorite. Gucci is also one of my favorites. Saint Laurent from last season was really cool, too.”


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Leveled Up

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What can we expect from The Hills: New Beginnings?

“To be honest, I really have no idea. I don’t know what’s going to make it on the show, and I don’t know what or who the focus is even on. I’m actually terrified. You film seven days a week for four months, and you either haven’t seen anyone in a while or you don’t even know some of them at all. It’s a really weird situation, at least to me.


“I kind of didn’t devote myself to the show like I did last time, where I was just doing whatever for a check. I tried to keep it more true to myself, because last time all of the footage people saw was a monster, and that wasn’t even me.”


What’s the one thing that nobody knows about you?

“That’s hard, because I’m not kidding when I say I Snapchat everything I do. I’m a pretty open book, I put everything on there. But I guess the one thing would be that I’d rather be rich and unknown than famous and rich. I mean, being famous brings in money and a luxury lifestyle, but in reality, I’d rather just be rich. A lot of people don’t believe that, because so many people want fame, but it’s true. I wish I could just be rich and not have to do reality shows to get there.”


Well now you have Pratt Daddy, so…

“Well there ya go, that’s the goal.”


Pratt Daddy

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Pratt Daddy

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Pratt Daddy

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