Spice Girls-Style Buffalo Platforms Are Coming Back

It’s the next evolution of the recently very-hot dad sneaker trend. Buffalo platform sneakers are back! Buffalo London announced they would be relaunching, and models Ruby Aldridge and Aleali May are modeling the shoes for a new era. And honestly, we’re so in. These sneaks are high-fashion but also cute as hell.

The brand’s global marketing director told Vogue: “Our brand was carried into the mainstream by a group of influencers—in the ’90s, it was the Spice Girls—so we loved the idea of re-creating this and bringing it into the spirit of today through some of the industry’s top influencers,” she says. “We are excited for the U.S. consumer to discover the brand on the feet of today’s fashion crowd.”

As of this week, Buffalo London is dropping special-edition styles each month, but they won’t be restocking them so you’ll have to snap ‘em up fast. Ginger, Baby and Scary Spice made the Buffalos famous, but the shoes were never available in the U.S. (As one writer pointed out, Soda brand sneakers were as close as we could get as 10-year-olds.) Now, for the first time ever, they’re being sold stateside.

The brand has a high-top and low-top version available in a shade of tan. They’re currently on sale for $253. You can purchase them on Opening Ceremony, Farfetch and Luisa Via Roma. We’ll go ahead and throw down that this might be one of the best things to come out of the ‘90s revival. Dad shoes are comfy as heck, and those shoes with a little extra height create the perfect summertime club-kid vibe. A buying director from luxury retailer Browns Fashion said she’ll pair hers with “either a pair of Ellery black vinyl trousers or with a floaty dress from the likes of Magda B, Vetements or Balenciaga.

Either way, it’s time to Spice Up Your Life.


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