The DJ Who Will Try Every Fashion Trend Once… Except Crocs

When it comes to style, Instagram can be an overwhelming abyss. Street Noise is our way to mine through the all that clutter and get right down to the ones who are giving fashion the edge we all live for. We’re highlighting the people whose style (and pages) we can’t get enough of to get to know a little more about them. 


Despite the title and rotating pair of headphones, MAAD (@shesmaad) isn’t just a DJ. In between wearing brightly-colored outfits at fashion events, the multi-hyphenate musician can be seen working on her solo career as pop’s next big thingand working with people like A$AP Ferg, GRADES (Dua Lipa, NAO), TheVAMP (Ne-Yo), Deputy (Rihanna, J Cole), and The Stereotypes (Bruno Mars, Fifth Harmony). Needless to say, she’s busy.


While MAAD is building a career in music, she’s also become somewhat of a fashion muse. On stage, she’s constantly changing it up by mixing high and low, small and well-known. She’ll wear IAMGIA paired with Saint Laurent, or highlight small designers like Kelsey Randall and Madame Baloge. Her style, in a sense, helps tell the story of her music. She’s a New Yorker with grit, but someone who’s down to try anything.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did you grow up and what are you working on? 

My name is MAAD. I was born in New York and spent a small portion of my childhood there until my family moved to New Jersey. I would be in between NY and NJ to attend Dance Theatre of Harlem and Harlem School of the Arts. I’m currently gearing up to release new music and visuals. I just dropped a video for my latest single “BAAD.”


What’s the last item of clothing that you actually bought in a store?
I recently treated myself to a pair of Saint Laurent platform boots. I deserved them.

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Who/what is your most random follow on Instagram? 
Lil’ Miquela and Joanne the Scammer. I actually love them both.

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What fashion trend makes you cringe? 

No shade, but crocs. I will say this, fashion to me is super subjective. Although I would never wear them, I feel like there’s someone out there who might put on the cutest ‘fit with them, but it won’t be me.


Let’s pretend you’re running for office of some sort: What’s your slogan and why?  

A fresh face, a fresh start. It’s time to get MAAD now. I chose that because I feel like slogans are always hella cheesy.


140mm Eel Platform Buckle Booties



Bishop-Sleeve Satin-Ribbon Top


I.AM.GIA gia Neo-Noir Boiler Jumpsuit


I.AM.GIA gia Edam Shorts



Photography- Julian Essink (@julianessink)

Hair – Nikki Barnes (@Nikki2theworld)
MUA – Dagen Howard (@dagenhoward)
Clothes – Keep Going Kid (@keepgoingkid)

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