Scott Morrison Has Over 800 Different Types of Denim

If you haven’t already heard of Scott Morrison, he’s the man with the Midas touch. In the denim department, that is. With lines like Paper Denim and Ernest Sewn under his belt, 3×1is only the latest endeavor for this jeanius. The brand’s Soho flagship is not your average storefront. The focal point of the palatial boutique is the glass factory, giving shoppers a literal window into the world of jean making. From the 800 different types of denim displayed on the selvedge wall, to its on-site custom-made services, 3×1 is rooted in craftsmanship, originality and bespoke design. Morrison focuses on blending Japanese selvedge and American denim culture, with a fastidious attention to details to create the perfect pair. Step inside his atelier, and see the magic in the making.

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