How to Stay On Trend (And On Budget) According To The Most Stylish Women On Instagram

To say fashion has evolved would be an understatement—it’s completely transformed. How we use it, consume it, and purchase it is largely influenced by social media platforms. Flipping through glossy magazines is nothing but a nostalgic pastime for the style seekers of my generation. Today, fashion is fueled by Instagram. The only problem? The items found on most fashion-forward accounts are nearly impossible to buy on a normal person’s budget.  


There is a solution, though. (Shop smarter, not harder.) Instead of scrolling enviously through your feed, here are a few ways to style your favorite looks for less. 


Chrissy Rutherford (@chrissyford) 


As the Special Projects Director of Talent & Social at, Chrissy Rutherford understands the importance of finding an outfit that’s stylish and practical. 

“I wore this jumpsuit on Friday and Saturday, because why not?” Rutherford captioned a post on Instagram. “I know the gram makes it seem like we need a fresh new outfit every time we post—but when I really love something, I’ll wear it over and over and over. How could I not with a jumpsuit so perfect?”


Budget-Friendly Jumpsuits We Love 


You don’t need to drop a rent payment to look put-together-chic, there are hundreds of affordable jumpsuits out there. You just need to know where to look. Luckily, we’ve done that part for you. Here are a few of our favorite, low-cost jumpsuits on the web. 



Knot Front Pinstripe Halter Jumpsuit



Everest Jumpsuit in Teal. – size XS (also in M)



Flutter Sleeve Wide Leg Jumpsuit



Jenny Walton (@Jennymwalton)


New-York based illustrator Jenny Walton isn’t afraid to mix-and-match pieces from her past with brand-new pieces of the season. In this photo, Walton’s seen wearing Miu Miu, both old and new. 


“Love when you can easily mix and match from different seasons of the same designer!” Walton captioned. 


Mimicking Miu Miu 


Miu Miu isn’t exactly known for its affordable finds, but who says you can’t mimic the label for less? I mean, imitation is the finest form of flattery, right? (Note: Walton’s mules are by Prada, but Miu Miu is under the Prada Group, so it seems fitting to add a less-than-$500 pair of mules here!) 



Squared Classic Crossbody Bag W/ Buckle



Juno Leopard-Print Calf Hair Mules 



Jenette Johnson (@jseverydayfashion) 

While re-wearing an outfit is all-too-relatable (I definitely commend women in the fashion space for being open and honest about the fact that it’s OK to re-wear clothing!), Jeanette Johnson of J’s Everyday Fashion is focused on snagging stylish pieces for pennies. Take this mock neck top, for example. It was a whopping $20. 

“I am loving the shape of this top!” Johnson wrote. “It feels vintage–like, way, way back. So to steer clear of ‘costume’ territory, I kept the rest of the outfit modern (high-waist, ripped jeans, anyone?)”


Mock Neck Tops for Less Than $100 


If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a “mock neck” refers to a shirt with a collar that’s a bit lower and looser than that of a turtle neck. It’s not quite a crewneck and not yet a turtleneck–AKA the perfect transitional piece.



Sebo Mock Neck Top



Halogen Floral Print Mock Neck Top



Animal Print Mock Neck Top



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