Summer Dawn Miller On The Beauty Trends She Can Live Without

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If there’s one person who truly embodies effortless style, it’s Summer Dawn Miller. The New York-based beauty influencer’s airy perspective brings an LA energy to an NYC lifestyle: She has the chic sophistication of a downtown girl-about-town, but makes it look so damn easy to achieve. Below, we talk to Miller about the scent that brings her back to her dinner at Mari Vanna, facial oils, and more.

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One beauty trend you’re currently obsessed with:

“I’ve gotten into using a jade roller. I really think they work. A regular lymphatic drainage massage is key in keeping my hormonal acne away. I’ve noticed a huge change since I started using one. I have a jade roller from Mount Lai and a Rose Quartz roller from Beauty Bio that uses micro currents.”


Most nostalgic scent:

“I’ve worn white musk my whole life. It reminds me of high school, and this dinner I had once at Mari Vanna—this Russian restaurant I ate at when I first moved to New York.”


One product or trend you’d never try:

“I would never do a lash life, extensions, or microblading.”


One product or trend you can’t live without:

“Face oils! I owe my glow to them.”


Favorite accounts to follow on Instagram:

“My friends. I know so many great girls who are honest and real and beautiful: @leowithcancer @melissaorons @marta @xsoui @kaitslow.”

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Instagram @summer.dawn

Favorite brands you’re loving RN:

“Tata Harper, Revive, and Necessaire.”


Go-to uniform:

“I wear sweatpants everyday. I’m into all-white lately.”


Favorite Saturday night activity:

“Maybe a date at my favorite restaurant in my neighborhood then home to rest and read. I’m always home.”


Your current Netflix/TV Show binge:

“I’m not so into TV! Since I’m on my phone so much I try to read for entertainment. I do love True Detective and I’m madly in love with this new season.”


The one celebrity you want to get a manicure with:

“Jessica Chastain or Margot Robbie.”


Your daily beauty routine:

“The first thing I do every morning is ice my face. I’m always so puffy in the morning, so it really helps with that. I don’t do so many steps in the morning. I use this Brightening Essence from Tata Harper and then I apply my friend’s creation Virgo Oil. I inspired this product and it’s changed my skin. Her instagram is @leowithcancer. Then I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, then Supergoop sunscreen, then makeup. I  wear Glossier Stretch Concealer where I need it, I brush my brows with a clean spooly, then add mascara and sometimes blush. For blush, I like Chanel Lip Blush in 410. I always set my makeup with Eve Lom Radiance Mist.”


Who’s your biggest style inspiration:

“My mom! She’s always so confident no matter what she’s wearing. She’s often in workout clothes, but still looks like a star.”


Is there anything online you order in bulk:

“Nothing fun…just paper towels from Amazon.”

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Instagram @summer.dawn



De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller



Rose Quartz Facial Beauty Roller



Musk 100ml



Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum



Revive Exfoliating Cleanser



The Body Wash





Xiamara Twist-Front Sleeveless Crop Top

$165 $82


Audrie Sweatpants

$108 $65


embossed low-top sneakers - White

$850 $340


Concentrated Brightening Essence



Virgo Oil AKA Redacted



Stretch Concealer



Rouge Coco Lip Blush - 410



Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40



Radiance Face Mist


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