It turns out that, while we say “once in a blue moon” to indicate a rare occurrence, you won’t actually have to wait long to catch the next blue moon — March 31st, to be exact. That being said, you will have to wait 19 years to catch the next super blue blood moon that was visible over most of the world today, January 31.

The lunar event was actually three things happening at once: a blue moon (the second full moon in a month), a supermoon (where the moon is closer to the Earth than it usually is), and a lunar eclipse. The nickname “blood moon” has its origins in the rosy light the moon is bathed in when the light passes through Earth’s atmosphere. If you missed today’s super blue blood moon, you can catch the next one in 19 years, in 2037.

If there’s any witchiness you’re hoping to perform anytime soon, wait until March. That’s when there will be two full moons, one in early March and one later in the month because there are no full moons in February. And that, folks, is your moon news today. If you missed today’s super blue blood moon, check out the photos from around the world below…

Beijing, China (Reuters/Natalie Thomas)

Los Angeles (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

Myanmar (AP Photo/Thein Za)

(AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

Brooklyn, New York (Reuters/Eduardo Munoz)

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