Supernal Is Bringing Aesthetic Back To Beauty

Going down the beauty aisles of department stores usually goes like this: ads upon ads of radiant, heavily Photoshopped faces of poreless white women, all with logos that seem like ripoffs of Glossier’s kitschy format. While the beauty world has become oversaturated with options for everyone, it’s hard to find a brand that embodies their own original essence. Well, that is until Supernal entered the picture.


Founded by creative director and editorial veteran Melissa Medvedich, Supernal has a surprisingly artistic presence that pierces through the visual glass ceiling that only few other brands have surpassed. The look: loud, vibrant, but seamlessly tailored; a major switch from the millennial pink-donning options of today.


Yes, the visuals are pleasing, but there’s much more to Supernal than its looks. The brand’s first launch, a soothing facial oil, contains a blend of all-natural botanicals and essential oils, inspired by Medvedich’s love for skincare and her background as a certified aromatherapist. To put it frankly, expect Supernal’s chic viles of emerald-green oil to pop up in every influencer’s bathroom cabinet and mirrored trays of products very soon.


Below, we talk to Medvedich about everything Supernal, beauty’s similarities to pizza, and more.


Could you tell me a bit about Supernal and why you decided to create a skincare line?

“I’m a skincare fanatic, and I’ve been a Creative Director for most of my career. Skincare has always been a huge passion of mine, so this is a combination of a lot of things. I just wanted to pursue my passion and dreams, it was one of those ‘Life is short, so let’s do this,’ kind of decisions. I worked in sports and hip-hop for a long time, and then I finally found my way back to fashion and beauty. When I went back into fashion and beauty, a lot of people started to ask me what I was personally using on my skin. There was the combination of that, and just really wanting to dive deep into the study of skincare. From there I became a certified aromatherapist, and started to formulate my own formulations. And here we are.”


What made you drift from your former career path into the beauty realm?

“I’ve been a creative director in publishing for almost my entire career. It was great, but I just felt like I’ve designed a magazine; I’ve designed some websites, and I’ve also worked with a lot of brands and created some incredible content. But, the thing that’s really refreshing to me is the beauty category—it’s always been one of my favorite spaces. I like fashion, pop-culture, and wellness, but beauty is what I’m really passionate about.”


How would you describe the aesthetic of Supernal?

“I guess you could say the the aesthetic is chic, luxury, and very colorful.”


How do you think style and beauty correlate with one another?

“I think being apart of someone’s self care ritual or regimen is such an honor. Visually and sensually, it just makes you feel good—similar to great style.”


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Other than its visual component, what makes Supernal unique in your eyes?

“Beauty is kind of like pizza. There are so many pizzas in New York, but there’s a different flavor and crust for everyone. Sometimes you want the high-end veggie pizza with gluten-free crust, and sometimes you want a dollar slice. So, I guess what I’m saying is that it’s a bit subjective, but I approached this formulation from a super-clean perspective—Supernal is meant to calm the body, mind, and soul, and to connect them all at once.”


Did you implement an aromatherapy aspect to the oil?

“Yes! There is a lot of debate behind essential oils in a facial oil; some people say yes and others say no. I believe that with the right percentage—which is extremely small—there can be huge benefits for your skin and your mind. When you’re applying it to your face, you should feel super calm and, ultimately, beautiful.”


Skincare, in a sense, has a very therapeutic aspect. The whole ritual feels like a form of therapy.

“Totally, and I love hearing that. Even my husband uses hand cream as a self-care act. It’s taking care of your skin, but it’s also a small therapeutic moment in the day. The ritual of washing your face, toning, and using oils, it’s all very calming.”


Why did you decide to start Supernal off with a facial oil?

“I just wanted to start with my skincare hero product. Moisturizers are great, but facial oil is always what produces the most benefits for me, personally.”


What can we expect from Supernal in the future?

“I would love to expand the line, but I also want to take my time and make sure every bottle comes out perfectly. A lot of people get to say ‘we,’ but for Supernal it’s truly just one person behind it, and that’s me. I’m the art department; the shipping department; the everything. So much research, attention, and love is put into each individual product, and I hope people will get to feel that when they use it.”



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