Supreme is Dropping 5 Pairs of #TinySunglasses

Supreme is on a roll and with the upcoming launch of their new sunglasses, the cult-like streetwear brand is showing no signs of slowing down.

Since opening their first store in Brooklyn last year, Supreme has been turning out collaborations at the speed of light. This year alone has brought us much Supreme fodder: rumors of a potential Supreme x Dolce & Gabbana collaboration, a capsule of sweatshirts and skate decks with iconic Nan Goldin images, and as of last week, a Fox Racing line of motocross tops, pants, and goggles perfect for achieving the xtreme trend.

Supreme’s brightest idea yet, sunglasses, are about to make summer shopping decisions 5x more difficult, with 5 new styles named The Plaza, Royale, Exit, Astro and Booker.

Each pair has a distinctly vintage look and feel. While some of the thick plastic frames come embellished with golden star hardware, the details on others are more discreet and sparse for those wishing to go the minimalist route. Whether you’re into making a statement or keeping it cool, Supreme’s got a pair for you. 

The one thing all of these shades have in common, though, is size. All five styles are cast in the mold of the tiny sunglasses trend that has recently taken over our feeds and lives.

The micro trend, beloved by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, quickly became a widely debated topic on social media yesterday morning when Mindy Kaling tweeted her thoughts on tiny frames.

Twitter users were torn. On one hand, the tiny trend has seeped its way into the closets of many a dedicated fashionista. Other’s were quick to point out the inherent logical fallacies of the problematic eyewear trend.

The great “tiny sunglasses” debate raises some #seriousquestions, like, will hypebeasts look back on their fashion choices and think “wtf”? Or, how long will it be before we’re all wearing oversized aviators again like Paris Hilton circa the early 2000s?

There’s no word yet on the price of the sunglasses, but it’s safe to say that despite our highly philosophical questions, there will be lines of people waiting to cop a pair when they drop online and in-stores on May 17.

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