Your Complete Guide To A Sustainable Fall Wardrobe

We’re deep into fall, which means it’s peak season for refreshing our closets to handle the impending frigid weather. For some, this means going on an all-out shopping spree, whereas others view the temperature change as a way to reconnect with clothing that’s been hiding in storage bins all summer. Either way, switching up your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a routine (and sometimes thoughtless) process. 


While the fast-fashion giant is still out there, the industry has been (slowly, but surely) hard at work to make it easier for consumers to incorporate sustainable fashion practices into their daily lives. Ultimately giving brands and shoppers who prioritize being environmentally friendly a chance to show the world that being sustainable doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or out-of-reach for regular, everyday consumers.


If you’re one of the aforementioned buy a brand-new wardrobe per season shoppers, here are a few simple ways to get your style fix while keeping sustainability top of mind. 


Shop Sustainable Brands

This may seem obvious, but one of the most effective ways to liven up your wardrobe is to shop labels that put eco-friendly sourcing and manufacturing at the forefront. The online retailer BUHO, for example, makes it easier for customers to shop sustainably by offering consumers sustainable products from manufacturers who pay their employees fairly and refrain from mass production by opting to take a slower, more sustainable route.


Willa Coat



Lif Sweater


Instead of scouring the internet for brands that “do good,” BUHO gives shoppers the option to choose from a variety of ethical brands on one singular website—eliminating both the middle man and the headache.  


Vintage Grey Cropped Sweater



Vintage Nike Windbreaker



Vintage Tiger Stripe Mini Skirt


Buy Vintage

Buying vintage (or second-hand clothing) is an effortless way to score runway pieces for less, while also being environmentally conscious. Want to do more? BUHO offers each customer the chance to actively participate in the second-hand movement by providing a prepaid return label with each purchase for unwanted clothing through its innovative upcycling program. 


Vintage Blue Slate Silk Blouse



Vintage Southwestern Abstract Sweater


Just fill the bag and drop it in the mail. (Recycling old clothes has literally never been easier.) There’s no driving out to Goodwill or haggling at Beacon’s Closet. Once BUHO receives the bag, the donations will either be upcycled into new garments or sent to a brand-new home. Bonus: You’ll receive a $10 store credit for each bag you send in. 



Vintage Liz Claiborne Hot Pink Bomber



Vintage Army Camo Pants


Think of Your Wardrobe as an Investment

Shopping sustainably opens the door for opportunity. Think about it this way: Would you rather spend $10 on a shirt that’ll last one wash or $100 on a sweater that’ll last 1,000? Investing in your wardrobe is an impactful way to shop thoughtfully. 


Dara Knit Tee



Joe Dress



Tinka Pants


In addition to getting more wear out of your clothes, by investing in your wardrobe, you’ll get the chance to score big if you decide to consign once you’re ready to let them go. What’s more? BUHO lets you shop according to your values, which means you can filter their items by shopping for what’s most important to you. Whether it’s vintage wear, locally-made goods, vegan leather, gender equality fashion, handmade masterpieces, sustainable everything, or ethically-made gems, BUHO’s got you covered. 


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