Whether you’re tuning in to the Superbowl to watch Tom Brady throw yet another fourth-quarter touchdown or you’re a fair-weather fan that admittedly came for the many-layered dip and Timberlake’s famous dance moves, now is your chance to take full advantage of your newly inspired athletic-themed Sunday. It’s time to work up a sweat! Grab a chair, couch, or a set of stairs and power through the commercials by burning a few extra calories — and powering through this workout!

Do each exercise once through, and repeat 3 times.

(Not down to leave your couch? Then this couch workout will be just your speed!)


Bulgarian Split Squat — 10 times Right, Left

Start in a lunge position with your back foot elevated. Make sure your foot is not directly behind you like a tight rope, but hips’ width like a train track to help maintain stability. 90 percent of your weight will be in your front foot as you lunge slowly down, knee towards floor. Make sure your hips are moving back, and the front knee doesn’t fall over your toes.

Push-up — 10 times

Beginning in an elevated plank, make sure your hips are level and shoulders are shrugged away from the ears. As you push up, let your elbows be slightly in towards your body. If you are feeling strong, you can reverse this and elevate your feet instead.

Alternating Knee Twist — 20 times

From whichever plank you landed on in the pushup, plank twist. Alternate your knee in to the opposite elbow, trying to get your knee as close to the back of your arm as possible. Make sure your abs are pulling in towards your spine, and let your hips twist.

Mountain Climber Sprint — 20 times

Same plank, but this time your hips will stay put. Alternating knee to chest, try to keep shoulders over wrists and alternate knee pulls as fast as possible.

Jump Squat — 15

Begin with your feet outside hips width and lower down into a squat, making sure the knees stay wide. Lower into your squat, pushing hips back with chest tall, slow and controlled. Jump up as fast as possible and squeeze your bum! Landing softly, straight into your next squat.


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