Dela Deso Grime

“Fame Is a Facade”: COOLS Sits Down With Grime Pop Artist Richie Velazquez AKA Dela Deso

Richie Velazquez, the man behind Digital Death and Grime AKA Dela Deso, is an artist based in LA. The 31-year-old grew up in San Bernardino, California, and he credits the city’s gritty character as one of his biggest influences. The primarily social media-based artist is known for his #30DaysOfGrime challenge on Instagram and one of his most recognized "gag pieces" The Mona Pizza. He has recently had success selling his prints as a featured artist during the Bringing Back Broadway art sale in L ...

A Quick Chat with Artist, Gab Bois, An Art School Drop-Out Turned Internet Sensation

Situated on the border of the grotesque and the avant-garde, the work of ex-art student turned Internet sensation, Gab Bois, writhes with the pulse of our generation. Based in Montreal, her work has infiltrated the far corners of the world while creeping into the dark spaces of our mind as she creates a visual conversation that speaks in universal tongues. Using her own body as canvas and a $100 point and shoot camera, she's less concerned with photographic technique and more so wants to change

For Francisco Correa Cordero, Running a Gallery is an Artform

How do you show art in a 200-square-foot gallery? Just ask him.Up an office building’s wooden, maroon stairwell, down a skinny hallway with white walls, there’s a crowd of people standing near suite 207. Wearing glasses and jackets and all manner of interesting tote bags, they sip beer or Coke and lean against the walls, chatting about weed or hamburgers or poetry or nothing in particular. It’s a Saturday night, a time when people might normally be out having dinner or hanging out at a bar ...


Meltdowns & Mugshots: Nicky Ottav Talks Art and Eccentric Individuality

“It’s called fashion, look it up.” Nicky Ottav’s infamous line, uttered first on Jimmy Kimmel Live, expresses the innate sass and bold personality the artist and entertainer embraces.  At 23, Ottav has already accumulated an impressive following from his nightlife stardom as a “clubkid.” After reigning over the second wave of clubkid future — which led to his appearance in Christian Coppola's documentary "Clubkid" — he's now refocusing on his art. His debut show "Saints of a Different, 2017" por ...

Tapes, Tits, and Twins Have us Seeing Double

Meet Allie and Lexi Kaplan, the identical twins taking that “send nudes” text to the next level. The twins graduated from NYU with degrees in studio art and made the decision to move to the West Coast where they could combine art with entertainment. The Kaplans' work is an array of risqué pieces that reimagine celebrity sex tapes and ‘leaked’ nude photos into stylized paintings. The twins believe they are taking ownership of their own narratives by exposing the female form and playing towards ma ...

Moving Towards Globalism With Maryam Eisler

One photo at a timeMaryam Eisler is the living embodiment of a global citizen. Having left Iran at the age of 10 in 1978, she would then spend her adolescent years in Paris before moving to the East Coast of the United States to study at Wellesley College, followed by Columbia University. Her early professional life followed a more corporate narrative until she found photography and the arts, her true calling in life. Photography, in particular, has enabled Maryam to explore pertinent topi

Meet Mickalene Thomas, the Artist Rewriting the Narrative for Black Women

The venerated artist on being woke and reclaiming the male gaze for the black woman There is an intangible allure to a Mickalene Thomas artwork. The monumental, multi-textural, and often rhinestone-encrusted canvases are visually arresting by the sheer size alone, but the complexity of each image delves far beyond the surface. My introduction to Mickalene came several years ago, when A Little Taste Outside of Love – her reimagining of Éduoard Manet’s famed Olympia – left me transfixed in the Br ...