Moving Towards Globalism With Maryam Eisler

One photo at a time Maryam Eisler is the living embodiment of a global citizen. Having left Iran at the age of 10 in 1978, she would then spend her adolescent years in Paris before moving to the East Coast of the United States to study at Wellesley College, followed by Columbia University. Her

Meet CHiKA, the Japanese Artist Fusing Art and Technology

Japanese-born and New York-based ChiKa sits down and talks to Cools about her new-wave art. Inspired by Japanese art and culture, she creates intricate designs through the median of light. Her work is site-specific, and she is in the process of making her installations immersive. Her childhood in Ja

How Dancer Jasmine Perri is Bringing Freedom to Choreography

Jasmine Perri discusses the ins and outs of life as a professional dancer, from flashing lights and stadium-sized crowds to artistic form and originality. Jasmine has been fortunate enough to tour the world on Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” tour. She has studied and worked in cities around the globe to h ...

A Day in the Life of Art Curator, Brooke Wise

The humorous and upbeat Brooke Wise spoke with Cools recently about the excitement of being an artist and curator. She talks about the power of connection through humor and the challenges often faced by minorities in finding genuine inclusivity in the art world. Watch her take us into her world as w

How Dancer, Jasmine Perri, Went from Broadway to Bieber

Wandering the streets of Times Square by night, lights cascaded from sleepless billboards and dodgy advertisements. Opening her phone, the clocked flashed 11:30 pm. Subtracting five hours, made it only 6:30 pm at home in the Hawaiian islands. Jasmine Perri, then only in middle school, wanted to call

The Gallery Girl Making Artists of Color Mainstream

Jasmin Hernandez on creating an art world for all “It’s 2017, anybody should be able to walk into any space, and feel comfortable to engage with art” says Jasmin Hernandez with a burning passion. The reality is anything but; Art Review reported that the “most influential people in the contemporary ...

Meet the Artist Behind Those Badass Matisse-Inspired Murals

The multi-hyphenate mastery of Elise Peterson On a warm summer afternoon, Elise Peterson is standing under the Manhattan Bridge. Even as trains and cars rumble past overhead, she looks up and her gasp is audible. “There it is!” Her collage “Grace Meets Matisse” stares down at her from the sk ...