Space Intro: Finding & Creating It

After hearing from Geremy and Adrian, I began to understand where exactly I was situated in the narrative of my own POC awakening. Burgeoning on understanding, a fledgling who has mistaken arms for wings, I realized empathy could be cultivated by listening and heeding the honest experience of others

Culture feat. Adrian Yu: A Story from the 626

COOLS: Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do?Adrian Yu:  I’m a Chinese-American director & creative director – so I split my time on commercial, fashion, and music videos and creative directing for brands, including my own creative agency Offline Projects which focuses on new me ...

Culture Intro: An Awakening

“Nihao!” a deep voice yelled from across the street. “Nihao!” it said again louder this time. My eyes were fixed on the changing crosswalk sign on the corner of White and Lafayette Street in Manhattan’s Chinatown district, as the blinking, red, open-faced palm massaged the possibility that the guy a ...