Our New Favorite Spring Trend? Shoes With Unusual Heels.

The only thing about New York City that feels like spring right now is the tiny buds showing up slowly but surely on park trees. The temperatures are still below 50, and layers and boots are still (sadly) necessary. But! My browser history is anything but chilly, and I’m pinning endless photos of sp ...

The Question of Logos: Appropriation Vs. Art

Where is the boundary between theft and craft? Though accepted as an artistic device, paying homage or alluding to meanings is not always taken in good nature, at times leading to lawsuits or scandals.
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Hip Hop Subculture is Making A Fashionable Comeback

The 90s were a time when music had value. Fans of hip hop, grunge, R&B, rock, showed their love and support of their favorite musicians by dressing as them. And our nostalgia for this notion has grown into a full-fledged fashion trend.

Pia Arrobio Doesn’t Play It Cool

To make it in fashion is a dicey proposition — a lot of talent, a lot of hard work, and, course, a healthy sprinkle of luck are all necessary ingredients. Pia Arrobio, head designer and founder of LPA, a label that looks made for '70s bombshells, makes it seem (almost) easy — except that she's very ...

House of Aama Fuses Southern Spirituality With African Roots

House of Aama, designed by mother-daughter duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, explores Southern Creole spirituality and African roots by tapping into the power innate within traditional African fabrics and southern dress. Henry, a former lawyer and trained seamstress, and Shabaka, a student at Pars ...