Burn Chelsey Wilkins

Fat-Burning, Metabolism-Boosting & All in 20 Minutes

It may not feel like spring just yet, but summer is around the corner. Now is the time to kick yourself into gear and burn some fat. Your days may not actually be getting longer, but with the sun setting later at least there is the increasing illusion that we can get more done in a day. With this qu
Beth Stretch Run Marathon Running

So You Think You Should Run?

As the New York City half marathon pulses life back in to this frozen city, it is undeniable that spring is just around the corner.  Which also means, its the second coming of our summer body ambitions.  As the thaw slowly melts away the remnants of having to wear 12 layers while hobbling between wo ...
Chelsey Wilkins Kitchen

Twistin’ Like It’s Stir Fry: A Kitchen Workout

You know when you are at home, starving and rummaging through your pantry in hopes that whichever ingredients left in the fridge and cupboards can somehow come together and form this evening’s leftover stir fry du jour?  This workout is kind of like that.  We don’t always have the ideal environment ...


Zoe’s Fat Chance Weight Loss Plan

So, how does one start on a fitness journey that actually may end up in success? For me at least, one would enlist a badass trainer with ice blue eyes whom you're literally afraid of: like Chelsey Wilkens. (She looks like a sexy Terminator and acts like John Conner is my belly fat.) She then takes y