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Canadian Tuxedo

Our Version of Suiting Up: the Canadian Tuxedo

Ever since that fateful day in 2001 when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears rocked the denim-on-denim, the Canadian Tuxedo look has been deemed "cool." The look is really just anything with some type of denim repetition, jeans with a denim jacket or a denim top is fine. But really, the best Canadi
white denim

How to Refresh Your Off-Duty White Denim Look

Denim, denim, denim. Our favorite material has finally become a big enough trend that we can wear it 24/7. What's better, the comfortable, relaxed feel of wearing jeans, or the fact that denim always seems to accentuate our best traits and curves? Let's not question it and just rejoice in the fac

How to Dress Up Casual Jeans

Denim might be the most powerful item in your fashion repertoire. It's versatile, adaptable, definitely an obvious go-to, and it works in any look from an easy off-duty to a more elevated look. A pair of casual jeans is really your most important tool in mastering your styling skills. When you're

Turn Your Jumpsuit Into the Most Sartorial of Looks

Need a midweek pick-me-up? Thought so. While most of us might turn to sugar or caffeine to help get us through the week, we’ve got a healthier vice to throw your way: treat yourself with style. Instead of reaching for the sweets, mix some candy colors into your look; opt for on-point trends over you ...

Don’t Let Monday Get You Down—Start The Week With Suiting

The end of the weekend is rarely regarded as something positive. Despite all the R&R we *supposedly* get over the weekend, we're all even more tired and unmotivated on a Monday than we had been the previous weekend. If a venti-sized coffee with lots of sugar isn't doing the trick, don't despair.

A Beginner’s Guide to Styling Stripes

Stripes can be a tricky pattern to style. You either know what you're doing or you don't, and one false move with striping will land you with a completely unflattering look. And, as stripes can go in any direction, there's no single trick to know with the pattern. What works vertically probably won'

The Weather Might Suck But Your Clothes Don’t Have To

We're beginning to forget what the sun looked like. It's already April but it's still snowing. If there ever was a good time to give up trying to look good, that time would be now. Who else is tired of finally breaking in those new suede shoes, only to step outside into a sea of melted snow? Getting

Master Your Pairing Game With This Genre-Bending Look

All styling really consists of is pairing—knowing the best way to mix and match different pieces, figuring out what does and doesn't go together, understanding the proper ways to blend timeless basics and in-the-moment trend pieces. The most successful fashion mavens are willing to push pairing boun ...
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Embrace Denim With This Easy Styling Tip

Denim solidified itself as an American necessity in the 19th century, when the traditional blue jean stole the hearts of those joining the Californian Gold Rush, with a need for sturdy, trusty trousers, comfortable enough to hold them through a long workday and reliable enough to stay intact. The ve