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How Stuart Weitzman x Gigi Hadid are Redefining Looking Good

Being 21st Century royalty is a title that Gigi Hadid embraces with arms and eyes wide open. Following her most recent collaboration with the iconic shoe designer, Stuart Weitzman, the model has brought newfound magic to an everyday staple, the slide, which features three colorways and a shearling-l

Unearthing What It Means to Be an American Fashion Designer

Photo by Faisal Mohammed Azede Jean Pierre has lived in the United States since she was five years old but does not consider herself to be an American. Born into a family of seven siblings in the Haitian town of Pestel, Azede and her family relocated to a suburb outside of Atlanta where she woul

Denim Doing Good

Rialto Jean Project is creating a canvas for change Love makes the world go round, and in the sartorial sense so does denim. This is the ethos behind Rialto Jean Project, Erin Feniger’s philanthropic jean brand benefiting children’s art therapy programs. Inspired by the artistic community in Venice ...

Stefanie Datura on Making Slow Fashion

Stefania Borras makes sustainable luxury an everyday affair ‘And, deep in Datura poison buds, I dwell in a perfumed world,’ said Edwardian romance poet Adela Florence Nicolson of the mystical “moon flower” whose intense fragrance has bewitched many cultures over the years. The violet tinged edg ...

The West-Coast Retailer Pushing Quality Over Quantity

Cuyana's tagline is fewer, better things In a fashion industry that is constantly transitioning from collection to collection, there is a strong conscience that shows that we have lost value in the endless amounts of clothing that hangs in our closet. As an emerging brand, Cuyana aims to change

What Do You Get When You Mix a Model With a Coding Engineer?

PH5, the new brand elevating knitwear to a science The meteoric rise of fashion technology has new trends developing in the blink of an eye. Designers are in a constant race to innovate, and NYC-based knitwear brand PH5 is one of the emerging players making waves in the game. “It’s like a knitw ...