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The Must-Have Vegan Shoes to Walk You Through Spring

The Must-Have Vegan Shoes to Walk You Through Spring

Contrary to popular belief, living a vegan life isn’t just about what you eat. Veganism is a whole lifestyle that relies on any day-to-day decisions, especially your outfit choices. One of the biggest fashion criminals to our furry (and not-so-furry) friends is the shoe industry, which has basically ...
How do you become sustainable by accident?

The Solution to Fast Fashion: Don’t Buy Shit

Meghan Kinney fell into the world of sustainable fashion by accident. When she started out, she had no idea that keeping her supply chain close and reclaiming fabric was beneficial to the environment. To Meg, the way to be sustainable with clothing is simple: don’t buy shit.

7 Pieces From Our Favorite Chic Eco-Fashion Brands

Unfortunately only certain brands consider sustainability a priority but eco-fashion brands like Brother Vellies, run by powerhouse designer Aurora James consciously make an effort to reduce waste and excess water, use sustainable materials, and a team that gives back the community and employs women

Nicolas Gerlier on Saving the World One Lipstick at a Time

It's a revolution in red From your lips to the landfill, each year, around the world, one billion lipsticks are thrown away. Motivated by this alarming statistic and the increasing number of harmful substances making their way into the luxury beauty market, industry veteran Nicolas Gerlier has crea

How Stuart Weitzman x Gigi Hadid are Redefining Looking Good

Being 21st Century royalty is a title that Gigi Hadid embraces with arms and eyes wide open. Following her most recent collaboration with the iconic shoe designer, Stuart Weitzman, the model has brought newfound magic to an everyday staple, the slide, which features three colorways and a shearling-l

Unearthing What It Means to Be an American Fashion Designer

Photo by Faisal MohammedAzede Jean Pierre has lived in the United States since she was five years old but does not consider herself to be an American. Born into a family of seven siblings in the Haitian town of Pestel, Azede and her family relocated to a suburb outside of Atlanta where she woul