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Artist Miya Ando is a Woman of the World

Artist Miya Ando is a Woman of the World

Miya Ando is a woman of the world. The half-Japanese, half-Russian-American artist grew up in between a Japanese Buddhist temple and a redwood forest Northern California before migrating east to New York to focus on her artwork. These days, the world-renowned artist has taken up bi-coastal residency
Kat Irlin, Instagram Photographer Kat in NYC Discusses Her Journey 3

We Went Behind the Lens With @Kat_in_NYC

Kat Irlin sees the world differently: having grown up in St. Petersburg, Russia, the New York City photographer draws inspiration for her dream-like photographs from the architecture and the art in the cities she's lived within and traveled to. Known to most as Kat in NYC, Insta-famous photographer ...
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French Girl Style Gets an Update With Floriane Fosso

“Now the Parisian girl is very curious. She is really, really creative… and a bit crazy.” A Parisian girl herself, Floriane Fosso has revamped the cliche meaning of “French girl style,” while turning the traditions of French haute couture into a sustainable eco-fashion platform. Floriane discovered ...
Enter the VOID Tonight 1

Enter the VOID Tonight

This fashion week as New Yorkers flocked to attend the shows in the rain and February’s bitter chill, the arrival of something far away from Chelsea Piers caught our attention. A partnership between Red Hook Labs and 1 Granary sparked the initiative called VOID in 2017, as a project aimed to support ...

How Kim Shui is Creating Her Technicolor Dream

Kim Shui’s collections meet season after season at the intersection of Dries Van Noten’s technicolor dreams and Kandinsky's passionate belief that art is a spiritual matter, meant to pry open our innermost psyches revealing a most abstract and widely hued look at a person’s elan vital or life force. ...
Timo Weiland on The City as Muse

Timo Weiland on The City as Muse

"We’re culture curators,” says Timo Weiland of the collective design team behind his eponymous line. Their palatial Brooklyn studio is like a think-tank for cool kids with its verdant brick-walled interior, midcentury furnishings and vinyl playing in the background. A discernible hub for innovation, ...
In Studio With Ultracool Designer, Kim Shui

In Studio With Ultracool Designer, Kim Shui

"Less is more” are three words that would never grace Kim Shui’s lips. The rising talent is one of the fresh designers flooding insta-feeds and it-girl wardrobes alike. Scan her collection and you’ll find an explosion of color, fabrications, textures and embellishments. A black vinyl trench trimmed ...