Esther Povitsky Comedy Store

Esther Povitsky Takes a Trip to the Comedy Store With Cools

Esther Povitsky is also known as “Little Esther", a 29-year-old comedian, actress, and producer from Illinois. She moved to LA to pursue stand-up comedy and acting, where she also studied comedy at iO Chicago, The Second City, and The Groundlings. She soon began appearing frequently as a stand-up co ...


Lena Waithe Talks to The Cut About Making Hollywood Blacker

“We create culture. We create the fucking culture, we do. But I think ultimately black people are making content that not just black people want to watch but everybody wants to watch. Now white execs are like, ‘Okay, well, we gotta find our Issa Rae. We gotta find our Donald Glover. We gotta find ou ...


The Versace Family Speaks Out Against ‘American Crime Story’

As they say, all publicity is good publicity, and who knows if this is true, but the Versace family speaking out against the upcoming season 2 of American Crime Story certainly makes the whole thing more invitingly lurid. The second season of American Crime Story tells the story of designer Gian


‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ Is Getting a Goth Makeover

The well of ‘90s nostalgia is unending, my dudes. Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka is going to be the new Sabrina Spellman, which is an unexpected but perfect choice. The currently-untitled Sabrina Project reimagines the show that previously starred Melissa Joan Hart as a darker coming-of-age story that ...

The Job a Million Girls Would Kill For

Marjon Carlos on leaving Vogue and keeping it real in the fashion industry Though social media makes it seem like we know the people we most admire, the age-old tenet of not judging a book by its cover still holds true. This became immediately evident upon meeting Marjon Carlos, ex-Senior Fashi ...

Ever Wonder Who’s Behind Ru’s Crazy Dragrace Costumes?

Meet Zaldy: Legendary model, designer and gender-bending pioneer Walking into Zaldy’s design studio is like all of your disco dreams coming true. Glitter encrusted gowns graze sky-high heels and hand-painted leather hangs alongside mirrored bodysuits galore. Despite being the visionary mind beh ...

The Future of Film is Definitely Female

Actress Erin Darke takes the lead in indie film Seven Lovers Actress Erin Darke stars in the recently-released indie film Seven Lovers, a tale of love and heartbreak in New York City, a story so many of us New Yorkers can relate to. On screen, Erin is refreshing and super relatable as the main ...