Rising Singer-Songwriter Raffaella Prefers Salinger To Sororities

Just as we’re about to cross the street to Madison Square Park, the walk sign trickles down to 6, 5, 4, 3…that’s not enough time, I think to myself, and I stop in my tracks at the corner. But Raffaella, standing to my left, knows better. Born and raised on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the singer- ...

After Battling Postpartum Depression, Ella Vos Found Her Voice

Musician, songwriter and new mother Ella Vos captivates her audience not only through the ways in which she can carry a tune but through the brutal honesty and artistry through which she tells her own story. Ella’s breakout single “White Noise” details her own battle with postpartum depression and t ...

Musician Allie X Explores the Darker, Intellectual Side of Pop

When Allie X was younger, pop music meant bubblegum. It meant Britney Spears and *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, all singing and dancing and picture perfect love and lust songs machinated for mass consumption. But the state of pop is different now, to the point where Allie X’s electronic, emotionally exposed, dark, and intellectual explorations of self can get attention from the likes of Katy Perry, arguably one of the foremost pop sensations in the country if not the world. ...

Why Niia Chose Quality Over Quantity

Niia Bertino, better known by her stage name Niia, is an up and coming R&B artist who has a voice so smooth and gorgeous that even your headphones start to melt. She may be one of the top talented artists currently in this genre, but she comes with a musical background that proves patience is ke

Musician Julia Easterlin’s Latest Project is All About Reinvention

Hite strips down On a shelf in a dusty, old mom-and-pop music shop in Queens, Julia Easterlin saw a ukulele. She had been thinking about taking her music in a new direction for a while, leaving behind what had become her signature looper pedal and instead doing something new. The ukulele cam