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Is Trans Artist Kim Petras the Sound of Pop in 2018?

The singer/songwriter’s juicy bubblegum pop modernizes a classic 1980s sound.  Whether it’s rooted in ironic or genuine appreciation, the early 2000s are having a style moment right now in all of their Juicy tracksuited, capri pantsed glory. And perhaps the patron saint of this style era is Paris ...

Japanese-Brazilian Model, Julia Abe: Life at the Crossroads

Gazing upon her reflection, Japanese-Brazilian model, Julia Abe, once felt that she could never see herself clearly. Feeling most at home in transition, belonging became a pipe dream and the smoke she blew materialized as thick clouds that rendered her anomalous, neither seen nor invisible. No man i

Meet Lorod, the New Brand Reimagining American Sportswear

Lauren Rodriguez and Michael Freels on the power of partnership “He’s my work husband,” laughs Lauren Rodriguez. The young designer is looking at Michael Freels, the other half of Lorod, the new brand reimagining American sportswear for the modern woman. The two make an undeniably strong duo - and ...

Meet Alana O’Herlihy, ‘Racy’ Artist

The young artist is changing the face of fashion photography "I was in Paris with my friend, Jordan , and there was this Daily Mail article and they called me a “racy artist” in it,” says Alana O’Herlihy. “I thought it was the funniest thing I’ve heard in my life….” She was quick to adopt the witt ...