Anti-Fur Is No More Than a Publicity Stunt

Despite their love of pelts a decade ago, luxury designers are all jumping on the anti-fur trend. Does this signify the end to fashion's harm on animals, or do designers forgo fur to improve appearances?

The Legacy of Givenchy: Fashion? Or Just Fame?

Has fashion gone too far? With designers moving brands like musical chairs, how does a design legacy live on? On the passing of founder, Hubert de Givenchy, we take a look at the evolution of the French fashion house over the years.
the september issue

Can the September Issue Be Saved?

Can The Glossy Mag Be Saved? There’s no ship sinking faster than the S.S. Glossy Magazine. Increasingly ad-led issues, a lack of inclusivity and diversity with regard to content and, sometimes, entirely tone-deaf, mark-missing editorial (Gigi and Zayn’s Vogue cover, anyone?) have all amounted t ...