What Does Love Smell Like? The Cut Asked 10 People…

The Cut wrote a lovely Valentine's Day ode to the power of fragrance, and its nostalgia and sweetness, whether Bath and Body Works or Dior J'Adore. It's the perfect V-Day story because scents are unforgettable. Abercrombie & Fitch's Fierce will always remind me of my first major crush — years ol ...

How To Have Fun Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Hello, lonely hearts club! Zoe is here to help you through the most brutally unfair day of all, Valentine’s Day. Ultimately, it’s just like any other day: You wake up and have two choices 1.) play Valentine’s Russian Roulette where you put a loaded gun next to your nightstand, drink a bottle of Stol ...


Have More Sex, The Doctor’s Telling You To

According to a new study, sex at least once a week is good for you  — and we need it more so now than ever because we’re apparently having less of it than we were 10 years ago. A study from the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that from 2010 to 2014, the average U.S. adult had sex nine times f ...

15 New Years Resolutions That I’ve Already Broken

2018!! What the devilled egg. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was trolling chat rooms as, stomping through my middle school hallways in beat up Doc Martens and babydoll dresses, praying that Jared Leto would take me to the middle school dance? I actually don’t know where the time w ...


The Best Time to Find Love Is…Right This Second

It’s perhaps a bit unsurprising to learn that the best time to find your true love (or a love for six months...or someone to last until your friend’s wedding in March) is in January, the month of new beginnings. The folks found that online dating sites are busiest between December 26 a ...


The Holiday Blues, According to Zoe

Ah Christmas, that sacred time when everyone returns home so they can spend quality time with the ones they love, and then instantly remember why they moved so far away from them in the first place, (not me, mom, every second with my family is a gift). I know that for many of you this is the most wo


Sex Trends for 2018: Here Comes the Future!

Hello everyone! The New Year is almost upon us and I know what you’re thinking; wasn’t it just yesterday that we were making fun of preppers making bunkers to hide out in when Y2K hit? It’s been 18 years since the turn of the millennium! But time marches on and every year we seem to get more sexual ...


Why You Won’t Find Me at Any NYC Sex Parties

I have a secret that I am very ashamed of,  but I’m ready to come clean and share it with you. Despite my image as a carefree, wanton sexpert... I am pretty vanilla when it comes to sex parties/orgies. I know what you’re thinking: Zoe, that’s crazy, you’re an ex-party girl-burning-man-addict! You m ...