February Trend Report: Self-Care

In a recent conversation with a friend, I described myself as a metaphorical m&m. That is, hard exterior shell but my insides are chocolatey smooth and laden with lots of sweetness. While a myriad of factors are to blame for this candy-coated-me, I boil it down to the fact that I am 26, single,


Cold Weather MVP: Statement Earrings

By the time February hits we’ve exhausted just about the entirety of our winter wardrobe, and though we’re eyeing spring essentials to invest in (more on that soon), weather-wise we still need to wrap up in sweaters and scarves. To keep things from feeling stale the next couple of months we suggest ...


Now You Can Smell Like Your Zodiac Sign

If you put stock in your astrological sign (and let's be real, who among us doesn't put at least SOME stock in it), then it makes sense that your sign would determine other chemical/spiritual endeavors — aka your signature scent. While we're no Susan Miller, we've done our research, and we have t ...


Hitting the Slopes? Where to Eat, Stay and Play in Vail

While some people prefer escaping the cold come winter time, others relish in the beauty a fresh layer of powder can have on their spirits. Mountain towns are a perfect place to thrive this time of year, with residents and visitors alike gladly throwing on those extra layers just so they can walk ab


How To Shop the Net-A-Porter Sale Like an Editor

Every season, our editors jump on the Net-A-Porter sale as soon as it goes live, poring through Prada to Protagonist like it's nobody's business. But navigating all this fashion can feel overwhelming, at best. Our editors have got your back. Shop our personalities, and our picks, below.  


12 Not So Basic Bags For Can’t Go Wrong Gifting

Dripping in diamonds, enveloped in velvet or covered in chains, the perfect holiday handbag screams "more is more." Give your classic look a modern update this season by investing in a maximalist statement bag with all the right bejeweled beauty. From Jimmy Choo to Gucci, our editors have rounded up