Surya Namaskar sun greeting

Start Your Day Greeting the Sun

Yes, it's there even if the cloudy New York City winter sky doesn't let us see it. Move along your morning with this two-minute Sun Salutation to warm up your body and focus your mind in preparation for a new day. Sun Salutations, better known as Surya Namaskar are a series of postures that have ...

Traveling for Fashion Week? Here’s Your In-Flight Beauty Hack

Fashion week season is officially here, and that translates to spending hours on planes for a lot of us. This is a guide for what to do to feel as high as the clouds when you fly. The real reason I’m writing this is because last night I got off a plane feeling very low, dizzy and nauseous from e ...


5 Easy-Prep Superfood Superbowl Snacks

Superbowl Sunday doesn't have to mean a huge plate of nachos and beer (though, for real, nachos are great). If you, like the COOLS team are attempting to stick to healthy intentions in the new year, we've rounded up the best halftime snack alternatives that rival Frito pies and bacon dip. Even if yo


Holy Shit. I’m Undertaking the Ultimate Fitness Challenge

I am embarking on an epic, Holy Grail-like health adventure, and like my Monty Python brothers before me, I expect it to be full of failure and consequent hilarity. I am doing this because when I was late to a flight at the Denver Airport and had to sprint across its gargantuan terminal, by the time

These 5 Supplements Are Your Immune System’s Besties

You thought your best friend deserves that name because she hugs you and rubs your back every time f*&#@ it up? Yes, scientists do say that hugging ostensibly increases oxytocin and trust by decreasing activation of the brain’s "fear" center, the amygdala, but in full honestly, let me just tell ...


You’re Probably Meditating For The Wrong Reasons

The idea of meditating without the goal of self-improvement may seem pretty counterintuitive to meditation’s purpose, but a new book is declaring otherwise. In his recently published book Advice Not Given: A Guide to Getting Over Yourself, psychiatrist Mark Epstein gives a new perspective on medi ...

Bathtub Yoga? Yes, It’s a Thing

You finally make it home after an 8+ hour work day and three different subways at rush hour and all you can think about is a glass of wine, a joint, and hope for the best nights sleep. However, the hangover groggy mornings and drilling headaches have been painstakingly reminding you that you aren’t ...