Why Go To The Gym When You Have a Fire Escape?

Not everyone has a gym membership, but most of us have a fire escape, and it's a very little-known fact that that a fire escape can double as a workout machine. Try our "firescape sequence" to strengthen your core, tone your derriere, stretch your hamstrings, and wring out toxins, all from the co

5 Reasons to Reach for a Collagen Boost

Calling collagen the fountain of youth may be a slight stretch, but this go-to has become the staple cure-all for celebrities and laymen alike for its slew of holistic healing properties. According to Bulletproof founder, Dave Asprey, “Collagen is made up of the amino acids glycine, proline, and lys ...
Moringa Tea

This Moringa Tea Recipe Is Basically A Miracle Elixir

This tea/ elixir consists of moringa powder, which comes from the ground leaves of the moringa tree, also known as the "miracle tree." Moringa powder is extremely nutritious. It: Contains all nine essential amino acids, and is especially high in fiber, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, an

Coffee, Sugar, Cigarettes: The Truth Behind Our Vices

We walk around with our baby bottles of coffee in the morning, suck on our cigarette pacifiers all day, and finally go to bed guzzling our glass of wine/mommy's milk? Exactly. We are babies walking around in grown-up bodies sniffing around with our mouths for something greater, deeper, richer that ...
Kapalabhati breath

This Quick Trick Will Change the Way You Wake Up

Pump yourself up and freshen your mind using just the power of your breath. With this video you will basically be using AIR in order to create HEAT in order to experience your own brightness before you walk out the door in the morning.   DON’T DO THIS BREATHING PRACTICE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR THI ...


Zoe’s Fat Chance Weight Loss Plan

So, how does one start on a fitness journey that actually may end up in success? For me at least, one would enlist a badass trainer with ice blue eyes whom you're literally afraid of: like Chelsey Wilkens. (She looks like a sexy Terminator and acts like John Conner is my belly fat.) She then takes y