Tailor-Made: Your Guide To Personalized Holiday Gifts

When it comes to gift giving, it’s the simple touches that leave a lasting impression—and nothing says one-of-a-kind pleasantries like taking the personalization route. In the age of logo-mania, is there any present that would make your loved ones feel like they’re the center of attention more than a  customized version of their holy grail items?


Sure, a gift card in an envelope may be effective, but it also lacks originality. And nobody wants an unoriginal gift. This year, skip convention and go for something completely unique. Below, a list of items that make the perfect tailor-made presents.


Signature Chain Monogram Skinny Scarf



The slim scarf features a two-sided print: a signature chain print on the first and a nostalgic floral print on the other. Finish it with a monogram on the leather tab for a special touch.



Monogram Cuff Links



Everyone needs a great pair of cufflinks, and these single-initial accents do just the trick.  



A-z Alphabet Gold-plated Earring



This is pretty much the coolest take on that whole monogrammed-jewelry thing.



Vinyl Cream Lip Stain 413 Bourgogne Alternatif



What are the holidays without a bold red lip? Make a statement this high coverage vinyl cream lip stain that can be engraved with a message or monogram.


DIY women's Ace sneaker



The gift of Gucci says a lot. The gift of CUSTOM Gucci says even more.



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