Thank You, Come Again: A New Kind Of Gift Guide

In a 24-hour city that never sleeps, time is a luxury. And what better way to treat yourself this season than taking a minute? We tagged along with model Irina through the streets of downtown Manhattan as she explored the ultimate indulgence: self-care. This is her story.


Thank You, Come Again: A Guide to Treating Yourself This Holiday

Coat by Norma Kamali, turtleneck by ZARA, shoes and bag, stylist’s own


After November ushered in gray skies and single-digit temperatures, Irina felt her natural carmine locks could use a boost. A wash, cut, and blow-dry later and her sleek style was burnin’ up against fluorescent pink and the fluffiest of duvet coats. In the oversized outerwearthe style of the seasonshe wasn’t the only one feeling this new look; her youthful, insouciant glow was a breath of fresh air for the usual Tuesday matinée crowd.


Treat Yourself Holiday 10

Coat by Vetements, turtleneck by Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, pants by Gucci, bag by Balenciaga


Leaning into the luxury, Irina realized that taking a minute had turned into hours. Late to her next appointment, she swapped out the dressing gown for an outfit better suited to travel, complete with a must-have market tote, hailing a taxi hopping onto the nearest delivery trolley for a timely door to door service. *Pro tip: A good walking shoe doesn’t indeed need to walk. Tell us, has laidback ever looked so good?


Dress by Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, turtleneck by Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, tights by Gucci, earrings by Y/PROJECT, shoes stylist’s own


On time-ish and dressed for the part, there were no holds barred when it came to bling. Irina reached left, right, high, and low, piling on all the glitz and glamour that Bespoke Jewelry had to offer and topping off the look with a pearl statement earring. Less is more had more or less lost its meaning at this point. Admiring her reflection, she went on her merry way.


Treat Yourself Holiday 7

Dress by Y/PROJECT, turtleneck CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC


All this pampering had worked up an appetite and the brocade walls of Golden Unicorn beckoned. Never one to shy from an opportunity to match, Irina slipped into the scenery with an equally striking gownthis one-of-a-kind piece is a holiday essentialand got down to business. With a flourish of the hand and chopsticks as her weapon of choice, lunch was served.


Treat Yourself Holiday 3

Dress by Prada, turtleneck by ZARA, gloves by Raf Simons, shoes by Loelf


Belly full and back to the streets, but inclement weather loomed. Lucky for Irina, she came prepared to brave the storm with thigh-grazing boots, slip on sleeves and a nylon Prada dress. When accessorizing for the weather, a sense of humor is a must; though playful accouterments must also serve a purpose. Form, meet function.


Jacket by Opening Ceremony, pants by Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, shoes and bag by Celine


Boom! Right into a flower-bomb Irina stumbled, bags full of blooms. Her sleek, metallic shell, ideal for gloomy days that hint at disco nights ahead, was statement enough. With the freshest of freesias and peonies galore, it was clear that she needed no excuse to buy herself flowers. 


Treat Yourself Holiday 5

Robe by Stine Goya, socks by Prada, shoes by Celine


But toting around all those blossoms had taken a toll, so Irina popped into Foot Heaven for just thata little bit of heaven. Dressed for the occasion in heavy satin and shimmery stockings, she finally felt at ease mastering boudoir dressing in an elevated robe. It was elaborate, it was full on, it was certainly self-indulgent. And as the milky white moon rose over the afternoon sky, she knew this holiday season would bring soulful satiation and treats galore. 



Style Abby Qi Hair Yuhi Kim Makeup Kento Utsubo Special thanks to Vincent and the Bespoke Jewelry team


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