The 10 Wildest Fashion Show Locations Around The World

Louis Vuitton just announced that their Cruise 2019 show will be at your favorite place to spend as little time as possible: the John F. Kennedy airport. (Though it’s a dream compared to LaGuardia!) The show will be held at the newly renovated TWA Flight Center, originally built by architect Eero Saarinen. It’s a ‘60s modernist dream with a much-anticipated TWA Hotel opening just days after the Louis Vuitton show.


With news of Vuitton’s airport show, here are some of the most unexpected places luxury brands have held their shows, from playgrounds to swimming pools.

The Wildest Fashion Show Locations Around the World

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1989: Martin Margiela—A Paris Playground


Martin Margiela’s S/S 1990 show at a rundown Paris playground made Raf Simons cry. “Nothing in fashion has had more emotional impact on me than Margiela’s third show…They’d asked the kids’ parents for permission to use the playground, and they said, ‘Yes, but only if our kids can come.’ The models appeared in long white clothes, and suddenly the kids started to play with them. It was so moving. Everyone was crying. Me too,” he once said.

The Wildest Fashion Show Locations Around the World 1

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2007: Fendi / Great Wall of China


Of course it’s Karl Lagerfeld who has the title of hosting the world’s most expensive fashion show. It took over a year of planning to create the oldest, longest catwalk in history at 2,000 years old and 4,500 miles long. A list of 500 VIP-type people were flown in for the event, including Thandie Newton and Kate Bosworth. 

The Wildest Fashion Show Locations Around the World 2

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2007: Pierre Cardin / Whistling Sand Mountain


That same year, Cardin nearly outdid Lagerfeld with an otherworldly show held on the undulating dunes of a desert in China’s northwest Gansu province. With some riding the backs of camels, models walked the narrow runway that ribboned across the sand. It was very much a luxury near-mirage in the desert, with a model wearing a wedding dress and traveling by camel closing the show.

The Wildest Fashion Show Locations Around the World 3

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2010: Copenhagen Fashion Week / A mile-long runway in the center of Copenhagen


Let’s hope the models were paid extra for this one. Holding the Guinness Book Record of “The World’s Greatest Catwalk,” a runway at Copenhagen Fashion Week spanned one mile through the middle of the city on pedestrian street, Strøget. About 500 Scandinavian brands showcased their collections, and Helena Christensen was one of the 250 models walking the neon-pink runway.

The Wildest Fashion Show Locations Around the World 4

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2011: Moncler / Grand Central Station


Remember flash mobs? During peak flash mobs years, Moncler held one during their show at Grand Central Station. Though it was officially not supposed to be called a flash mob according to the city of New York, that’s what happened at 7:25 on February 14, when 363 models wearing goggles and ski wear—along with 200 people posing as travelers—performed eight minutes of dancing to a soundtrack that mixed Prince with Tchaikovsky.

The Wildest Fashion Show Locations Around the World 5

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2012: Kenzo / Escalators at the Université Pierre & Marie Curie


Held at a university on the outskirts of Paris, Kenzo’s show took place in the futuristic atrium of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie. Models wound their way around three levels, taking escalators from one floor to the next. It was a zigzagging spectacle to watch, with Karlie Kloss opening the show in a tiger-print sweatshirt. 

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2013: Berlin Fashion Week’s “Underground Catwalk” show / Subway Train


One morning during Berlin Fashion Week, U-Bahn subway commuters were treated to a provocative show with models dressed in latex wear and fetish gear walking down the middle of the train. Models in neon tulle hung from train poles and male models wore nothing but foil-like metallic sculptures covering their groins. 


German reality star Micaela Schäfer dressed as Marilyn Monroe in a costume constructed entirely from fake blonde hair.

The Wildest Fashion Show Locations Around the World 7

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2015: Jana Nedzvetskaya / Underwater


If you want to make a fashion show truly wild, remove it from land entirely. Russian designer Jana Nedzvetskaya held his Spring/Summer 2015 collection on a runway that plunged into a swimming pool where the models then posed underwater. It was ethereal and vaguely haunting.

The Wildest Fashion Show Locations Around the World 8

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2018: Opening Ceremony / Disneyland


If there’s any label that would have a show at the happiest place on Earth, it would absolutely be Opening Ceremony. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, both longtime Disney fans, held their Spring/Summer 2018 collection at the amusement park, marking Disneyland’s first-ever fashion show. Attendees got to experience cartoon-themed couture, and were also privy to that most coveted experience—a near-empty amusement park.

The Wildest Fashion Show Locations Around the World 9

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2018: Koché / Planet Hollywood


Once upon a time, Planet Hollywood was perhaps not high fashion, but certainly a fairly trendy celebrity spot. At the 1991 opening night, the restaurant—backed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Demi Moore—had an event attended by everyone from Drew Barrymore to Cindy Crawford.


Last year, Koché resurrected a time when Planet Hollywood was cool, showing her Pre-Fall collection at the restaurant’s Times Square location. The red zebra-print carpet was the perfect accessory to Koché’s theatrical streetwear.


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