5 Scents That Aren’t Santal: A New Season Roundup

Finding a personal scent is just that; deeply personal. A perfume should be multi-dimensional and deliver a hint of yourself to the lucky few in your proximity. Scent is an olfactory notion of who you want to be, and can also make you feel at home. I strive to be different, to wear independent, smaller brands that project an aura of my personality. Here, five unconventional scents that you maybe haven’t heard of.


5 Scents That Aren't Santal: Your Fall Roundup 1


Radio Bombay – D.S. & Durga

This scent is immediately sensual and exotic. With top notes of cedar and sandalwood, it is subtly masculine, gentle and warm, yet balanced divinely with floral iris and coconut musk. There’s a touch of balsam fir, which makes me want to throw on a wool Pendleton jacket over top of a sexy lace number. The vibe is smoldering romantic, a tomboy on date night, an air of mystery. The smell is luxurious, multifaceted and feels rich.


5 Scents That Aren't Santal: Your Fall Roundup 2


No. 9 Vallee de Farney – Maison Louis Marie

Mineral, light, floral and clean. Strikingly feminine, yet grounded in cedar wood and patchouli. This scent feels like a morning walk through a dewy garden. The vibe is light; a pale pink slip dress paired with an oversized coat. It flirts with you, shows off its womanly curves, but is carefree and grounded in the earth.


5 Scents That Aren't Santal: Your Fall Roundup 3


Olio Lusso No. 3 – Rodin

A crowd pleaser, this scent feels familiar yet hard to describe, a new deja vu. This is the kind of classic scent our mothers wore in their youth, and since have worn for decades. It’s beach breezy, like sipping on sundowners next to geraniums, enveloped in a musky sweater.


5 Scents That Aren't Santal: Your Fall Roundup 4


Aztec Noir – Carlen Parfums

Dark, tanned, and unabashedly sexy. This is the mysteriously handsome man who turned up at the party, the one you still smell like the next day. The grounding strike of a match against a fresh palo santo stick, simple white grapefruit, warm, rounded, and deeply satisfying. This is seduction at its best.


5 Scents That Aren't Santal: Your Fall Roundup 5


L.A. Woman – Bodha

A brooding and contemplative manifestation. Organic citrus, spiritual smoke, and jasmine speak to dinner parties at dusk in a Los Angeles abode. The range of women who inspire you, the calm elation after yoga, the ritual of incense. An au natural dame.


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