The Chicest Weed Vapes For Every Aesthetic

Happy holidays everyone! It’s 4/20 weekend, which is cause for much celebration for any THC fan. We’ve all witnessed the rise of vapes to become the ultimate ‘it’ girl accessory (cc juuls), but thus far we’ve been discounting the sartorial prowess of weed pens. Well, no longer.


As more regions legalize marijuana, the options to get lit without lighting are becoming subtler and swankier. From 24k gold-plated pens to heavy duty vape tools, there are a range of options to appease any palate — and no reason for you to sacrifice form for function. Keep in mind, the varying quality of different vaporizers can greatly alter your experience, and some recommend smoking with leaves rather than oil cartridges. Whatever your preference,  check out our five favorites below and enjoy 4/20, all year around.



The Chicest Weed Vapes for Every Aesthetic 4

This is one of the best reviewed vape tools on the market. Ghost Vapes offers users different heat settings (allowing you to customize your high) and they boast the capacity to vaporize almost any dry leaf. While it’s a little on the larger side, thus a little more conspicuous, it’s metallic rose gold colorway is likely to have you hooked at first sight. The Cadillac of vapes, this is the tool to inspire the envy of all your friends.


The Executive


The Chicest Weed Pens for Every Aesthetic


Welcome to 24k magic! This gold-plated Dank Fung Extracts weed pen literally resembles just that, a pen. With an easily-removable cap, this is one of the stealthiest pens on the market; considering they go for $180 a pop, you’re going to want make sure you don’t confuse it with any of your actual stationary.


Special K

The Chicest Weed Vapes for Every Aesthetic

Another subtle and very sleek option, this Kandypens offering comes with a temperature control and a lifetime warranty on the battery. While it also resembles a writing pen, any smoker will recognize the giveaway ‘K’ embossed in the center — still, can’t go wrong with black and gold. 


Canna Blast


The Chicest Weed Vapes for Every Aesthetic 2

This one’s for the minimalists. Mig Vapor is a fast-rising e-cig-turned-vape brand, and they definitely pride themselves on catering to different styles. The Canna Blast in white’s slender design will suit any outfit, particularly chic for the warmer months and paired with lighter colors. It’s also known to do well with CBD oils and is very affordable at 29.95, just to make things even easier.


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