Marc Jacobs Launches ‘The Marc Jacobs,’ Which Is More Affordable Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has launched another more affordable eponymous sub-brand to fill the void of his former now-defunct eponymous sub-brand. “The Marc Jacobs” launched on May 30th and includes ready-to-wear, bags, and accessories. The items are very much in line with the style we’re used to seeing from the designer, but at a slightly lower price point.

THE Marc Jacobs Launched The Marc Jacobs 1

Grunge-y striped sweaters are balanced out with goth-y prairie dresses and pretty poufy jackets. Floral skirts match perfectly with pointy ankle boots, and small bags and printed tights stylishly mix with printed dresses. It’s all *very* on-brand. In 2015, when Marc by Marc Jacobs announced it would no longer exist, many were quick to decry the decision. Well, this new collection seems to pick up right where the other left off.


According to Jacobs, however, that was never his intention. In an interview with Fashionista, he claimed, “‘On-brand’ is one of those phrases I’m not familiar with—I think if I believe in [something], then it’s perfectly fine for me to do.” He also says this line was not about appealing to younger audiences, and he’s wary of nostalgia, it just felt like he needed to do it. 

THE Marc Jacobs Launched The Marc Jacobs

Regardless, there are some pieces that will absolutely make fans Marc by Marc happy, and possibly bring in younger audiences that may never have been interested before.


The Marc Jacobs

The Snapshot Compact Wallet


The Marc Jacobs

The Victorian Blouse


The Marc Jacobs

The 40s Dress




The Marc Jacobs

The Turn-Up Jean Overdye


The Marc Jacobs

The Track Pant


The Marc Jacobs

The Grunge Sweater



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