The Shopping Apps You Need to Download…Now!

I’ll be the first to admit that I once had a really bad Depop addiction. But come on, it’s hard not to… it’s impossible to not go on that app without finding at least ten cute things. 


Since most people stare at their phone all day playing games, using social media and ignoring texts from their exes, why not use all of that time to check out the coolest shopping apps? 


With the rise of technology, specifically cellular devices, brands have come up with great ways to monetize their businesses by creating fun apps that look totally different from their websites, and even have perks to make shopping easier. For instance, Toshi, founded by Net A Porter designer Sojin Lee came up with the amazing idea of letting you order from major retailers and saving the cost of shipping and excess carbon emissions by hand delivering your items to you. 


Apps like GemSearch are doing a similar thing, but with over 12mill pieces of vintage to sift through, it’s like the fairy godmother of finding you the looks you’ve been dreaming of. 


Free People and Urban Outfitters have had their apps for a while, and even offer the occasional $5 off when you show them your app in store. 


This new type of instant shopping has made it easy to find pretty much everything you could ever want. Etsy, Depop and Poshmark have paved the way for that. Looking for that perfect pair of old Celine shoes but can’t seem to find them?


While shopping apps haven’t reached a majority of smaller retail stores, many that have now include payment plans. Klarna, Afterpay and Affirm are some great apps that let you purchase pieces you love in installments. If you’re constantly broke like me, but want to still keep your wardrobe updated, these options are a cool way to keep you fashionable without completely destroying your wallet. 


When it feels like everyone around you is wearing the latest trends from brands you love, don’t feel pressure to want to be like them. While it’s nice to shop, it’s also nice to save up for pieces that you really really love. Take it from me, a recovering shopaholic with a heart of gold.


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