To Honor The Simple Life’s Return, Grab This Juicy Couture

It’s been a long, dark, and dismal 12 years since 2007. You might remember that was the year The O.C. ended, or when Britney Spears released Blackout. It was also the year The Simple Life aired its last episode, and we’ve never been the same.


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Nor for that matter, has Paris Hilton, who became the one of the highest-paid international DJs and general mogul in the years since. Then there’s Nicole Richie, who created her own fashion brand and became an industry favorite. While we salute their achievements exclusive of reality television, that doesn’t make us miss their antics in Middle America any less. But now, it seems our prayers may have been answered.



But wait, that’s not all. The account then followed up with a redhead and blonde emoji, which can only mean…surely, Lindsay?



And finally, they all but confirmed.



When? What? Why? How? We just don’t know. What we do are the Juicy Couture looks you need in preparation. Pull out Daddy’s plastic, everybody! It’s time to go shopping.


Juicy Couture

Washed Linen Hooded Jacket


Juicy Couture

Logo Cut-Out Crop Top


Juicy Couture

Cameo Velour Del Rey Pant


Juicy Couture

Micro Terry Striped Rib Top


Juicy Couture

Solid Velour Track Halter Romper






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